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Maria will appear at The Big Event 11! Don’t miss it, will be present : Bruno Sammartino, Aron Rex, Ariane Andrew, Santino Marella, Shannon Moore, Jim Duggan, Debra Marshall, Johnny Mundo, Tammy Lynn Sytch, MVP, Adam Rose, Raquel, etc.

The Big Event

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Maria, Allie and Gail Kim Backstage :
Gail Kim confronts Maria Kanellis-Bennett. Kim wants to know who she will be facing tonight. Maria tells Kim she has a no DQ match tonight. Marti Bell attacks Kim from behind. Kim will face Bell tonight.

No DQ Match: Gail Kim vs Marti Bell

Bell and Kim fight on the ramp. Bell tosses Kim back in the ring and pounds on her. Bell takes Kim over with two vertical suplexes followed by a side Russian leg sweep. Bell stomps Kim in the corner. Bell misses a splash in the corner. Kim hits a big boot followed by a low cross body block. Kim goes out to the apron, but before Kim can get in the ring Allie grabs her leg. Bell tosses Kim face first into the guard rail. Bell goes for the Pedigree, but Kim reverses it into Eat de feet, Bell pushes Kim away. Kim hits a blockbuster of the second rope for a two count. Kim goes up top, but Maria knocks her off the top. Maria gives Allie Bell’s hit stick. Allie doesn’t want to get in the ring. Allie turns around and Kim pushes her into Bell. Kim rolls Bell up in a small package for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

After the match, Bell and Allie beat down Kim. Jade makes the save. Maria gets upset and announces that Jade will face Kim next week on Impact.

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In-ring segment: EC3 and Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis Bennett

Bennett tells EC3 that it must be nice having an aunt in high places. EC3 tells Bennett that his aunt has nothing to do with this. Bennett says Dixie Carter has been against him since he arrived. He had the hardest road in the Bound for Glory playoffs. No matter what happens EC3 will never be able to take away the fact that Bennett was the first person to defeat him. EC3 says tonight they will find out who truly is “Bound for Glory”.

Moose walks down the ramp. EC3 is distracted long enough for Bennett to attack EC3 from behind. Moose and Bennett destroy EC3. Moose choke bombs EC3 off the top rope to cap off the beat down.

Maria, Allie and Gail Kim Backstage :

Gail Kim vs Allie

Maria comes out to tell Kim that she will actually have two opponents in this match tonight. Kim will face Allie, and the TNA Knockouts Champion, Sienna.

Kim tries to attack Allie, but Sienna smashes her from behind. Sienna steps on Kim’s neck and tells Allie to get in the ring. Allie refuses. Sienna tags Allie in. Sienna tries to teach Kim how to stomp. Kim drops Allie, but Sienna gets back in the ring and saves Allie. Sienna and Allie take turns beating down Kim. Kim attempts a body scissors, but Sienna reverses it into a wheel barrel suplex. Allie tags in and picks up Kim for a body slam. Allie can’t quite get Kim up. Kim falls onto Allie. Sienna grabs Kim and pulls her off of Allie. Kim knocks Sienna off of the apron. Kim is all alone with Allie. Kim splashes Allie in the corner. Kim hits a modified neck breaker. Kim sets up Eat da feat, but Sienna breaks it up. Sienna hits the Ak-47 on Kim. Allie pins Kim, but Kim somehow kicks out. Sienna goes for the Silencer, but Kim moves out of the way, which causes Sienna to run over Allie. Kim tosses Sienna out of the ring and pins Allie.

Winner: Gail Kim

Bound for Glory Playoff Finals- The Miracle Mike Bennett vs EC3

EC3 floors Bennett with a shoulder tackle. EC3 picks up Bennett and lights him up with multiple short arm knife edge chops. Bennett surprises EC3 with a big boot for a two count. EC3 ducks Bennett’s clothesline attempt and responds with a clothesline of his own. EC3 press slams Bennett. EC3 hits the ropes for a splash, but Bennett gets his knees up.

After a short break, Bennett is working an abdominal stretch on EC3. Bennett reaches out and gets a hand from Maria on the outside. EC3 hip tosses Bennett to break the hold. Spine buster by Bennett for another near fall. EC3 and Bennett both attempt a crossbody which leads to them both writhing in pain in the middle of the ring. Bennett and EC3 trade punches. EC3 hits a jawbreaker on Bennett. EC3 misses the EC3 splash in the corner. Bennett waist locks EC3 and German suplexes him twice. Bennett attempts another, but EC3 reverses and destroys Bennett with a release German suplex. Flapjack by EC3. EC3 calls for the One Percenter, but Bennett reverses. EC3 rolls up Bennett and transitions into a sit out powerbomb for another near fall. EC3 Russian leg sweeps Bennett into the turnbuckle EC3 climbs the ropes, but Maria distracts him long enough for Bennett to cut EC3 off.

Bennett hits a cutter off the top for a two count. Maria tosses a kendo stick into the ring. The referee ejects Maria from ringside. EC3 hits the One Percenter, but Bennett kicks out. Moose comes to ringside. Eddie Edwards comes from outta nowhere and takes out Moose via a suicide dive! Bennett smashes EC3 in the ribs with the kendo stick and hits the MIP. EC3 kicks out at 2.9. EC3 locks in his cobra clutch, but Bennett turns it into a pin. EC3 again manages to kick out. Bennett lifts up EC3 for another MIP. EC3 reverse that into the One Percenter for the win!

Winner and New Number One Contender for the TNA Championship: EC3

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Mumbai: Sony SIX is taking innovation to a whole new level by launching their first ever digital comic strip for one of its wrestling properties, Total Non-Stop Action (TNA).


The inaugural comic strip will feature on the digital platforms (Twitter and Facebook) of Sony SIX on 3rd August 2016. The initiative will see some of the biggest names in wrestling who are associated with TNA, feature in these comic strips.

Some of the key characters include Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, EC III, Gail Kim, Bram, Lashley, Moose and President Dixie Carter. Diamond Comics, one of the largest publishing houses in India, has been roped in to make curate some real life images of the wrestlers. The digital initiative aims to reach out to the target audience through unique content on social media.

The TNA comic strips are inspired by superhero comics which are larger-than-life and promise to generate a lot excitement for the viewers. They comic strips will serve as a preview to the TNA Impact show for the coming week and the rivalry portrayed between the wrestlers will then continue onscreen for some explosive action.

The inaugural comic strip features a vocal altercation between EC III and Miracle, as they threaten to take down the other one down at the TNA Heavyweight Championship. The comic strip will be a teaser to EC III and Miracle’s face off in the Bound for Glory playoffs, thus increasing the excitement levels for the upcoming episode.

The channel has taken the digital route in order to reach out to teenagers and the youth, who are more equipped with the medium. The strips promise to capture the imagination of a young audience who will be in for a visual treat in this distinctive form of storytelling for wrestling entertainment fans in India.

Mr. Rajesh Kaul, President, Distribution and Sports Business, Sony Pictures Networks said, “At SPN, we are looking at innovative ways to reach out to our consumers and keep them engaged at all times. Through the digital comic strip we aim to build and sustain that interest and excitement for TNA.”

“Wrestling has been an integral part of the Indian sporting culture for many years and now, is now growing rapidly in the fight sport category on a global scale. Today’s youth is in awe of the whole ‘superhero culture’ and hence we have used this digital initiative as a medium to reach out to our target audience.”


TNA boasts of some of the biggest international wrestlers, and has also roped in India’s very own Mahabali Shera into their roster. TNA Impact Wrestling telecasts every week on Tuesday, at 1700 – 1830 hours on Sony SIX & SIX HD. The digital comic strip will be released a week prior on the social media pages of Sony SIX and Sony SIX HD.


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Hello everyone!

«Welcome to my place of worship, my name is Eva and I am the co-owner of» haha

I have bad new, our lovely owner Lynn leaves the site after more than 6 years with us. I am so grateful to have met her, for sharing these four years with her. I met her in november 2011 on twitter, we both have a fansite/blog on Maria. One day, she ask me to make a theme for her site. Few weeks later, she gave me my chance with her site. I learned so many things, and it’s always a pleasure to talk about MKO at school or for a meeting! I will never forget all those funny moments we had together!

Good new ? I promise you that I will continue to give my best and all I have for the site, because it’s like my baby now!

I wish you all the best, thank you for everything, I love you!
And I want to thank our followers for always being there, thanks for all the support!

Eva – @FRENCHYkanellis

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Allie, Maria Kanellis and Gail Kim Backstage Segment:

Allie tells Madison Rayne that Maria will see her now. Madison really caught her eye last week, and thanks her for stepping up. Madison says that she didn’t do it for her, she’s the Queen B of the Knockouts, and she’s been pushed aside by Maria so her beast of a champion and chipmunk assistant can be star players. Madison wants to know what Maria will do for her when she beats Gail Kim? Maria tells Madison that they’ll see if she beats Gail Kim.

Sixth Match: Drew Galloway vs. Mike Bennett in a Semi-Final Match in the Bound for Glory Playoffs

Moose attacks Galloway from behind. Moose powerbomb’s Bennett on the ring apron. Bennett rolls Galloway back into the ring and tells the ref to ring the bell. Bennett goes for a series of pin attempts, but Galloway kept kicking out. Bennett with a series of right hands to Galloway. Bennett with a big boot to the face of Galloway for a two count. Bennett unloads on Galloway in the corner. Galloway with a boot to the face of Bennett for a two count.

Bennett with a running clothesline in the corner, but Galloway grabs a waistlock. Galloway with a release over the head suplex. Galloway with a charging forearm in the corner. Galloway ascends to the top rope. Galloway dives off the top rope, but Bennett counters with the Ace Crusher in mid-air for a two count. Bennett tosses Galloway to the floor. Galloway catapults Bennett into the underside of the ring. Galloway rolls Bennett up for a two count. Galloway and Bennett engage in back and forth right hands. Galloway with swinging double under hook slam for a two count. Galloway goes for the Future Shock DDT, but Bennett blocks it.

Bennett accidentally knocks down the referee with a right hand. Galloway plants Bennett with the Future Shock DDT. Moose storms into the ring and clotheslines Galloway. Moose plants Galloway with a Sky High. Bennett crawls over to Galloway, but Galloway kicks out at the count of two. Moose hops on the ring apron, but EC3 comes out and drags Moose to the floor. Moose goes for a spear, but EC3 moves and Moose hits the steps. EC3 goes in the ring and grabs a Singapore cane out of Bennett’s hand before he is able to use it, and he takes a swing at Bennett, but he accidentally hits Galloway. EC3 can’t believe he screwed up. Moose drags EC3 to the floor and lays him out with the Gamebreaker. Bennett plants Galloway with the Miracle In Progress to pickup the victory.

Winner: Mike Bennett

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