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Backstage Segment: Maria Kanellis-Bennett

Maria says she can’t wait to find out who she will be facing at Bound for Glory for her Knockouts title. She doesn’t want to step on Gail Kim’s hall of fame induction, so we will have the ceremony tonight instead of at BFG.

In Ring Segment: Maria and Allie

Maria says she is the greatest Knockout Champion. Unfortunately, everyone wants to talk about someone else. The crowd starts to chant for Allie. Maria says no, it’s not Allie. Allie is stupid and common just like everyone else in the arena. Maria calls Gail Kim to come to the ring so they can get her hall of fame induction out of the way. Maria airs a video package featuring all the times she has attacked Kim. Maria tells Kim that she wrote her speech for her: “Maria is better than me” the end. Maria gives Kim a picture of herself as the championship. Allie says she actually got Kim a gift because she thinks Kim is the greatest Knockout of all time. Allie tries to give Kim her gift, but Maria grabs it and stomps on it.

Dixie Carter joins them in the ring and tells Maria that as long as she is the Knockouts champion it is a conflict of interest for Maria to be in charge of the Knockouts. Dixie says Kim will get her proper induction at BFG. Dixie also enters Kim in the gauntlet match to determine the number one contender for the Knockouts championship.

Knockouts Gauntlet Match

Jade and Allie are to kick off the gauntlet. Before Allie can get in the ring, Maria comes out and tells Allie that she has someone better than her in the match tonight. Maria introduces Laurel Van Ness.

Jade laughs at Van Ness. Van Ness elbows Jade in the jaw. Jade chops Van Ness. The two trade strikes. Van Ness tosses Jade. Sienna enters the ring. Sienna and Van Ness team up and beat down Jade. Gail Kim is next to enters. Kim hits a dropkick off the top to Van Ness. Sienna attacks Kim from behind. Van Ness chokes Jade in the corner with her boot. Martie Bell enters next. Bell goes right after Kim. Bell Russian leg sweeps Kim. Bell and Van Ness both stomp Jade in the corner. Bell argues with Van Ness because she wants to be the only person beating down Jade.

Raquel enters next. Raquel takes Sienna down with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Madison Rayne enters next. Rayne hits two enzguris on Sienna. Bell tries to attack Rayne from behind, but Rayne cuts her off with a chop/elbow combo.

After a short break, Bell hits a Pedigree on Jade. Rayne sneaks up behind Bell and hits her with a roll of the dice. Rayne is eliminated by Van Ness. Jade goes up to the top rope, but Bell knocks her to the outside with a pump kick. Bell gets dumped out by Sienna. Sienna eliminates Raquel. Maria tells Allie to get in the ring. Allie can’t get on the apron but she is holding onto the top rope. Van Ness tries to dump Kim, but Kim reverses it and throws her into the rope Allie is holding down. Van Ness is eliminated. Sienna stomps on Kim. Sienna sets up the AK47, but Kim reverses it into a sunset flip for a near fall. Sienna attempts the Silencer, but Kim reverses it into Eat d’Feet. It’s over.

Winner and number one contender for the Knockouts title, Gail Kim

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Could former WWE announcer Brandi Rhodes, AKA Eden, be making her way to TNA?

According to a new report from Dave Metlzer (via SE Scoops) Brandi’s husband Cody Rhodes has been in talks with TNA, revealing that there is a deal in place to bring the couple to the company soon. It should be noted that the deal would not be an exclusive one, as Rhodes would also work for Ring of Honor.

The report further states that the idea is for Cody to come in to feud with Mike Bennett with Brandi playing off against Mike Bennett’s wife, current TNA Knockouts Champion, Maria Kanellis.
Both Cody and Brandi departed from the WWE just a few months ago and since then, Brandi has been acting as Cody’s special ring announcer on the independent scenes as well as working on some in-ring training.


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Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis, Dixie Carter and Moose In-Ring Segment:

Bennett talks about his childhood. How he was taught by his mother to not bite the mouth that feeds him. He’s the only person in TNA that grew up with a good mother. Bennett should be the TNA world champion now but the reason he is not is because of Moose. Bennett calls Moose ungrateful. They had a good relationship. He gave the orders and Moose did what he told him to.

Bennett brought Moose into this company and can take him out. Bennett sent Moose a strongly worded text message that informed Moose that he was fired. Dixie Carter comes out to interrupt The Bennett’s. Carter begs Bennett to wrap it up. The fans in the Impact Zone are not here as the miracle turns. Bennett says that he and his wife Maria should be running TNA. Dixie has an announcement for him.

Bennett senses that Dixie has done the right thing and will give Bennett a world title match at Bound For Glory. Dixie announces that Mike Bennett will face Moose at Bound for Glory. Moose comes down to the ring. Bennett pleads with Moose to leave him alone. Moose grabs Bennett by the throat and places him on the top turnbuckle. Moose goes for the Go to Hell, but Maria hits Moose in the back with the TNA Knockout’s Title. This temporarily distracts Moose and gives Bennett the chance to run away from him. Bennett crawls up the rampway with a sacred and shocked look on his face.

Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis and Dixie Carter Backstage:

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Mike Bennett ‘The Miracle’, Maria Kanellis Bennett, Bobby Lashley and Moose In-Ring Segment:

Allie’s TNA Knockout’s Championship Celebration:

Allie says that never in a trillion years would she think that this day would come. Allie thanks the fans for chanting her name. Allie says that she wants to thank the most favorite person in the entire universe. Out comes a frustrated former knockouts champ Sienna to confront Allie. Maria tells Sienna to calm down and take the night off. Allie goes to thank Maria for this celebration.

Maria says that this celebration is not for Allie. She calls Allie worthless. She says that she messed up the knockouts division by winning last week. Maria says that the celebration is not for Allie but for he opponent. A saddened Allie tells Maria that she gave all the knockouts the night off and she doesn’t understand why Maria is saying this to her. Maria asks Allie to lay down in the center of the ring. She calls a ref into the ring. Maria threatens to fire Allie if she doesn’t lay down. Allie is crying as she lays in the ring.

Fourth Match: Allie (c) vs. Maria Kanellis Bennett for the TNA Knockout’s Championship

Kanellis immediately pins Allie to pickup the victory. After the match Allie wraps the title around Bennett’s waist. Allie introduces Maria as the brand new TNA Knockout’s Champion.

Winner: New TNA Knockout’s Champion Maria Kanellis

Fifth Match: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis Bennett in a No Disqualification Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Maria distracts Lashley from the ring apron as the bell rings. Lashley with a series of right hands to Bennett. Lashley rams his shoulder repeatedly to the midsection of Bennett in the corner. Lashley follows that up with a corner spear. Bennett ducks a clothesline from Lashley. Bennett with a forearm to Lashley. Lashley with a back body drop to Bennett. Lashley connects with the delayed vertical suplex. Moose comes down the ring with a lead pipe. Coming out of the break Bennett stomps on Lashley’s chest. Bennett bounces Lashley’s head on the top turnbuckle.

Bennett with a corner splash followed by a big boot to the face of Lashley for a two count. Bennett with a low dropkick to Lashley for a two count. Maria comes into the ring and attacks Lashley in the back with her brace. Bennett goes for the pin, but Lashley kicks out at the count of two. Bennett tosses Lashley to the outside. Maria hits Lashley in the face with the Knockouts Championship. Moose rolls Lashley back into the ring. Bennett goes for the pin, but Lashley kicks out at the count of two.

Bennett with a discus forearm to Lashley. Lashley school boys Bennett for a two count. Lashley with a side slam to Bennett. Lashley with a running lariat to Bennett in the corner. Lashley gets Bennett trapped in the Torture Rack. Bennett breaks free, but Lashley counters with a spine buster. Lashley goes for the Spear, but Maria holds onto Lashley’s boot from the outside. Bennett plants Lashley with a Cutter for a two count. Moose keeps the lead pipe away from Bennett and walks to the back. Lashley connects with the Spear to pickup the victory. After the match Bennett calls Moose a dumb animal. Bennett says that Moose is failed football player. He’s nothing without Bennett. Bennett reads Moose the riot act. Bennett slaps Moose in the face. Moose clotheslines Bennett.

Winner: Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley

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Moose, Mike Bennett ‘The Miracle’ and Maria Backstage :

Back from the break. Highlights are shown of the opening battle royal. Moose is shown backstage yelling at Mike Bennett. Bennett claims that his elimination of Moose was an accident as Maria runs over to the camera man to get him to shut the camera off.

Maria Kanellis, Allie and Sienna Backstage :

Maria is backstage yelling at Allie for not informing her about Sienna’s knockouts title defense tonight. Maria wants to know who made that match without her consent. They start discussing emails when Billy Corgan arrives and tells Maria that he made the match. Maria calls Corgan and herself equals. Of which, Corgan takes exception and states that they are not equals. He is the president of TNA now. Corgan says that contractually, He can’t make Gail Kim the opponent for Sienna one on one but tells Sienna that he has something else planned for her tonight. Sienna isn’t worried. Corgan tells her that her match is up next and that it might be more than one person.

Sienna Vs. Jade Vs. Madison Rayne Vs. Marti Bell Vs. Allie

First pinfall wins. Not an elimination match. Allie stands by tentatively while all 4 women battle. Former Dollhouse members Jade and Bell battle to the outside while Sienna gets the upper hand on Rayne. Sienna tries to get Allie to help her do a tandem move but Allie fails in her attempt. The leader of The knockouts, Maria arrives at ringside to watch the action. Any sequence in this match where Sienna tries to enlist Allie’s help. It backfires. The finishing sequence sees a frantic finish where all 5 women are in the ring trading finishers.Allie even gets in an offensive move of her own. Jade hits a package piledriver on Rayne and lays her out. Bell breaks up the fall. Bell pulls out her baton and tries to use it. Allie takes it away and accidentally hits Sienna with it. Which knocks her out of the ring. Bell regains hold of her baton and goes to hit Allie with it. She knocks Allie down on top of a fallen Madison Rayne and Allie gets the 3 count on Rayne to win The Knockouts title.

Allie defeated Sienna, Madison Rayne, Marti Bell & Jade to become The New TNA Knockouts Champion

Post match. Referee Earl Hebner wakes up an unconscious Allie and presents her with The Knockouts title. Maria is shocked at ringside.

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Moose, Mike Bennet & Maria Backstage Segment:

The game’s been stacked against Bennett from the start, but Moose is his gamebreaker. Moose says that Eddie is good, but he’s better and stronger, and he knocked the baddest football players on their asses, and it’s going to be easy for Eddie. Moose does what Bennett says when he says it, because he’s onto capturing the TNA World Title

Maria Kanellis, Jade and Allie Backstage Segment:

Maria knows that Jade and Gail will have a great match tonight. Maria says that Gail will be laid out by the most destructive force in TNA, Jade. Maria tells Allie to inform Gail that the match is up next. Maria informs Jade that if she loses this match tonight, she’ll never get another opportunity at the TNA Knockout’s Championship. Jade says that she wants to whoop Maria’s ass. Maria tells Jade to dish out her anger on Gail Kim tonight.

Second Match: Jade vs. Gail Kim

Gail and Jade locks up. Gail with a deep armdrag to Jade. Jade shoves Gail to the other side of the ring. Gail applies a wrist lock. Jade with a roll through, but Gail keeps hold of the wrist lock. Gail drops Jade with a shoulder tackle. Jade connects with a hurricanrana. Jade lands two knife edge chops to the chest of Gail in the corner. Gail counters with a collection of knife edge chops of her own. Jade drops Gail with a lightning quick offense for a two count. Gail tosses Jade to the outside. Gail with a modified 619 to Jade. Gail goes for a springboard crossbody off the second rope, but Jade catches Gail in mid-air and drops her on the ring mat.

Jade goes for a Package Piledriver, but Gail counters with a back body drop. Gail with a head scissors takedown to Jade. Gail goes for a crossbody off the top rope, but Jade rolls out of the way. Jade goes for a moonsault, but she crashes and burns. Gail goes for a handstand takedown, but Jade counters with a kick to the head. Gail with a inside cradle, but both women get tied in a knot, so the referee couldn’t make the pin. Gail connects with the Eat Defeat. Gail goes for the pin, but Sienna drags Gail out of the ring. Sienna plants Gail with the AK-47. Sienna proceeds to drop Jade with the Silence. Maria comes out to the stage and says that Gail is a failure and will never get another opportunity at the Knockout’s Championship.

Winner: Gail Kim via Disqualification

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