Impact Wrestling Results : 11/10/16

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Impact Wrestling Results : 11/10/16
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Eddie Edwards, EC3, Eli Drake, Mike Bennett ‘The Miracle’ and Maria In-Ring Segment :

Eddie Edwards opens the show in the ring. Edwards talks about all of his fans and his doubters. Talks about how he beat a nearly invincible Bobby Lashley twice. Edwards says that he is not hiding and will defend the title against anyone… Out comes Eli Drake to confront Edwards in the ring. Drake says that he gave Edwards 7 whole days to be ready for tonight. Drake says that Bobby Lashley is backstage thanking his lucky stars because he doesn’t have to face Eli. Drake says that he is the Bound for Gold winner and he will become World Champ tonight and that’s just a “Fact of Life”.


Out comes EC3 and he joins the conversation. He starts running down his own list of facts…. Carter tells Drake that he commends him for cashing in his Bound for Glory tonight. EC3 says he is going to activate his “Zero Dark EC 30” to get back The World Title. Tells Drake that he is not ready to be a world champion. Says that he is betting on Eddie Edwards tonight. Carter says that he is betting the entire house on Edwards. Drake calls EC3 a dummy for betting against him. Headed to the ring now is Mike Bennett. He is accompanied by his own miracle in Maria Kanellis. Bennett addresses all 3 men in the ring. He calls out Carter for “betting the house”. Says that the last time, EC3 did that. Bennett defeated him and ended Carter’s undefeated streak. Bennett calls himself a roadblock in Carter’s path to become World Champion. Calls Drake a dummy and states that he is going to save TNA…. Drake is back on the mic. Takes issue with The Miracle stealing his catchphrase. Calls everyone a dummy in the ring. While Eli is trash talking Carter, Bennett blindsides EC3 and all 4 men start brawling. Drake and Bennett gain the advantage on Edwards and Carter until Moose comes out to make the save. The show goes to it’s first break.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis Bennett vs. Moose

This is a rematch from Bound For Glory. Moose controls the early portion of this match. He hits Miracle with a standing dropkick. Moose goes for the pinfall cover. Maria pulls her husband out of the ring. Referee Earl Hebner catches her in the act and banishes Maria from ringside. When the battle continues in the ring, Bennett takes advantage of this distraction with Maria, and takes down The Moose with a chop block. Bennett targets Moose’s left knee and works him over for a few minutes. The fans chant “Moose”. Trying to get him to rally against Bennett. Moose battles back and hits a headbutt. He struggles to move around on his leg but manages to hit a sit out power bomb, and then follows that up with a senton. Moose sets up Bennett for the “Game Changer” but Bennett counters and takes out Moose’s injured knee. The Miracle then delivers a piledriver to Moose. This nets him a near fall. Both men are now going toe to toe in the ring. Trading several blows. Moose eventually wins the exchange with some stiff kicks but Miracle recovers quickly and hits a cutter on Moose. Covers him for another close fall. The action ends up on the outside, as Earl Hebner begins the count. Moose goes for a spear on Bennett but he moves out of the way. Moose crashes into the ring steps. Bennett slides into the ring and beats the 10 count to win this match.

Mike Bennett defeats Moose by countout to advance to a #1 contenders match for The TNA World Championship

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