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Name: #8 ‘Sparkle & Shine’
Released : October 2016
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Impact Wrestling Results : 12/1/16
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Maria Kanellis Bennett, Laurel Van Ness and Allie In-Ring Segment:

Maria says that it’s the holiday season and she’s an very charitable person. Maria has given so much to everybody in the Impact Zone. Maria has been an role model, but it seems like some people don’t appreciate that. Maria tells Allie to come down to the ring. Allie comes out to a major reception that pisses Maria and Van Ness off. Maria says that nobody loves Allie. Maria wants to know what Allie has to say for herself?

Well Mrs. Maria, Allie would like to say that she apologizes for hitting her in the face last week with a pumpkin pie. Maria knows that Allie was just trying to Van Ness with the pumpkin pie. Allie was trying to hit Van Ness with the pumpkin pie because she’s jealous of the relationship she has with Braxton Sutter. Allie is not jealous of Van Ness. Maria wants Allie to shut up. Maria has a few questions for Allie. Why did Allie lie about Maria’s medical report at Bound for Glory? Allie gets into Maria’s face and says that honesty is the best policy.

Honestly, Allie is the worst assistant Maria’s has ever had. Maria has never had a problem with anybody, she gets along perfectly fine with Van Ness. Van Ness has a question. How does Allie feel that Van Ness went on a hot date with Sutter last night? How does she feel that they danced all night and sang sweet nothing’s to their ears, all night long? Van Ness whispers something into Allie’s ears. Allie says that Sutter would never say that. Maria says that Allie is a loser. She doesn’t know to fight, she doesn’t how to do anything right, she’s not a wrestler and she’s just a stupid bitch. Allie slaps Maria across the face. Maria says that was a big mistake. Van Ness drops Allie with a vicious forearm. Van Ness transitions into a ground and pound attack.

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Impact Wrestling Results : 11/17/16
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Sienna, Laurel Van Ness, Allie and Maria Kanellis Bennett Backstage Segment:

Van Ness is laughing with Sienna. Van Ness is looking at a text chain she’s having with Braxton Sutter. Allie wants to know if Van Ness is talking to Mr. Sutter. Van Ness says that she does alot more than just texting with Sutter. Maria says that it seems like some people don’t know their place in this company. Some people think they’re hot stuff and now poor Brandi Rhodes is all alone.

Now that her husband got himself hurt. Maria calls Sienna and Van Ness the two most beautiful and dominant women in the Knockouts Division. Nobody is going to want to team with Brandi Rhodes. Isn’t that right, Allie ? Allie is struggling to make up her mind whether or not she wants to be Rhodes tag team partner. Allie tells Maria that she would never go against her. Maria says that Allie needs her. Sienna says that nobody is dumb enough to go against them. Sienna, Maria and Van Ness continue to bully Allie.

Second Match: Sienna & Laurel Van Ness w/Maria Kanellis Bennett & Allie vs. Brandi Rhodes & Madison Rayne

Maria sends Allie to the back because she gets confused sometimes. Brandi informs Maria that her tag team partner is, Madison Rayne. Madison hugs Allie on the stage. Van Ness and Brandi starts things off. Van Ness talks smack to Brandi. Brandi proceeds to chase Maria around the ring. Brandi grabs Maria by her hair. Brandi ducks a running clothesline by Van Ness. Van Ness’s momentum lead her to attack Madison who’s on the ring apron. Brandi tags in Madison. Madison ducks a clothesline from Van Ness. Madison with a clothesline of her own. Madison with a series of forearm strikes to Van Ness. Madison transitions into a forearm/chop combination. Madison slaps Van Ness. Van Ness tags in Sienna.

Madison ducks a clothesline from Sienna. Madison knocks Van Ness off the ring apron. Madison with a palm strike to the chest of Sienna. Madison backs Sienna into the corner. Madison lands two forearm strikes in the corner. Madison applies a front face lock. Sienna launches Madison to other side of the ring. Van Ness grabs Madison by her hair. Sienna with a running clubbing blow to the back of Madison’s neck. Sienna runs through Madison in the corner. Sienna with two forearm strikes to the chest of Madison. Sienna tags in Van Ness. Van Ness applies a ring rope leg scissors. Van Ness tags in Sienna. Sienna lands a knife edge chop. Van Ness continues to attack Madison behind the referee’s back. Sienna proceeds to choke Madison. Sienna goes for a pin, but Madison kicks out at the count of two. Sienna continues to apply more pressure to the back of Madison.

Van Ness with a series of hair whips. Van Ness goes for the pin, but Madison kicks out at the count of two. Madison with a rolling crucifix for a two count. Van Ness with a clubbing blow to the back of Madison. Van Ness connects with a snap suplex with a nonchalant cover for a two count. Van Ness goes for a Curb Stomp, but both women are knock down by a double clothesline.

Sienna and Brandi are finally tagged in. Brandi with two running clotheslines. Sienna kicks Brandi in the gut. Sienna with a series of forearms to Brandi. Brandi dropkicks Sienna into the corner. Brandi with a rolling back elbow to Sienna. Brandi follows that up with a knee strike for a two count as Van Ness breaks it up. Madison with a leg lariat to the head of Van Ness. Madison rolls Van Ness to the outside. Sienna goes for the AK-47, but Brandi counters with the Reverse STO to pickup the victory.

Winner: Brandi Rhodes & Madison Rayne

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TNA Destination X Result
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Fourth Match: Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis vs. DJ Zema Ion

Bennett with a clubbing blow to the back of DJZ. Bennett drops DJZ with a right hand. Bennett stomps on DJZ’s chest. Bennett pokes fun at DJZ. DJZ fires up with a series of forearms. Bennett drops DJZ with a boot to the face. Bennett gets DJZ in the fireman’s carry position, but DJZ gets back on his feet. DJZ with a tumble dropkick to Bennett. DJZ with a springboard back elbow to Bennett. DJZ stomps on Bennett’s chest in the corner. DJZ with a back elbow. Bennett plants DJZ with a Cutter for a two count.

Bennett whips DJZ to the corner. Bennett with a corner clothesline. Bennett and DJZ battle for position on the top rope. DJZ leapfrogs over Bennett. Bennett connects with a spinebuster for a two count. Bennett applies a rear chin lock. DJZ with elbows to the chest of DJZ. DJZ with a somersault plancha onto Bennett on the outside. DJZ connects with the hurricanrana. Bennett heads to the back, but out comes the rest of X-Division standing in Bennett’s way. Bennett rolls back into the ring. DJZ with the bodyscissors to Bennett to pickup the victory. After the match Bennett says that he’s going to burn TNA to the ground, but he’s not going to do it alone.

Winner: DJ Zema Ion

Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett Backstage

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Impact Wrestling Results : 6/7/16
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Maria Kanellis & Mike Bennett Backstage Promo:

Maria calls herself the first lady of professional wrestling and at Slammiversary she’s going to end Gail Kim’s career by kicking her ass. She goes on saying that she’s going to rule over the Knockout’s Division. Bennett says that his wife has been dominating the Knockout’s Division since she’s arrived in TNA. Bennett calls himself the best wrestler in the world and the man who ended EC3’s undefeated streak. Bennett says that he’s going to get revenge for what EC3 made him do last week. EC3’s road to redemption will end in a Blaze of Glory at Slammiversary.

Third Match: Mike Bennett & Allie w/Maria Kanellis vs. Ethan Carter III & Gail Kim:

Maria announces that she will not wrestle tonight, but her assistant Allie will handle her dirty work. Bennett and EC3 has a stare off. Bennett tags in Allie. EC3 tags in Gail. Allie screams at EC3. EC3 tells Allie to shut up. Gail with a forearm/chop combination. Gail with a flying clothesline. Gail lands a series of forearms. Maria trips Gail from the outside. Allie drives Gail head down to the mat for a one count. Allie drives her knee to the back of Gail’s neck. Allie and Gail knocks each other down with a double head drag. Bennett and EC3 are tagged in.

EC3 with a jawbreaker to Bennett. EC3 connects with the EC3 Splash and follows that up with a flapjack. EC3 launches Bennett to the outside. Allie slaps/punches EC3. EC3 tags in Gail. Allie storms out of the ring. Gail with a flying crossbody to Allie on the outside. Bennett brings a chair into the ring and he got caught. Bennett storms to the back. EC3 goes out of the ring and starts chasing Bennett. Gail with a inside cradle to pickup the victory. After the match Sienna drops Gail with a lethal lariat. Sienna drives Gail’s knee down to the mat. Sienna puts a steel chair on top of Gail’s knee. Maria with a chair shot to the knee of Gail

Winner: Ethan Carter III & Gail Kim

EC3 and Mike Bennett: Official Weigh-In For Slammiversary:

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Impact Wrestling Results : 5/31/16
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Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis and Ethan Carter III In-Ring Promo:

Bennett goes over Dixie’s concerns and has realized that neither he or his wife are in charge on tonight’s show. Bennett has reached out to Dixie on a bevy of social media platforms and Dixie never responded. Maria says that she’s the leader of the Knockout’s Division, so she and her husband are the only qualified people to run the show tonight. Bennett wants to know who’s in charge. EC3 comes out to interrupt The Bennett’s. EC3 tells Bennett that he some bad news for him. EC3 announces that he’ll face Bennett at TNA Slammiversary. He wants Bennett to be at his A-Game tonight because he’s choosing his opponent tonight. EC3’s is in charged tonight. Bennett says that he’s a ratings grabber whenever he’s on TNA Television, so he could understand if EC3 wants him to take the night off.

EC3 jokes around by saying that Bennett could be cleaning the toilets tonight. Maria snaps at EC3. EC3 says that no talent especially, toots, can put their hands on him. EC3 informs Maria tonight she’ll be taking on Gail Kim and if Maria’s loses, she’s fired. EC3 want’s the Bennett’s out of his ring. Bennett tells EC3 he’s not going anywhere. EC3 says that if Bennett wants Slammiversary to come early he better get out of his ring. Bennett finally retrieves and head’s towards the back.

Ethan Carter III, Maria Kanellis, Sienna and Gail Kim In-Ring Segment:

Allie says that the first lady of professional wrestling and she does nothing without her and Sienna. EC3 tells Allie and Sienna to hit the bricks because he’s the boss. Maria says that she’s doing a wonderful job in being charged of the Knockouts Division. EC3 disagrees, but his opinion doesn’t matter. EC3 introduces Gail Kim. Maria says that if every wrestling promoter wanted to do what they want, there would be anarchy and nobody will be making money. EC3 says that Maria’s actions last week were ground for dismissal. EC3 asks Gail what she wants?

Gail says that ever since Maria has came to TNA, she’s wanted to challenge her to a match. Gail challenges Maria to a match at Slammiversary. Maria tells Gail that she’s her boss, but EC3 cuts her off again. EC3 announces Maria Kanellis vs. Gail Kim for Slammiversary. Maria says that she’s trying to build a future for the Knockouts Division. At Slammiversary it’s going to be the worst night of Gail Kim’s life when Maria submit’s herself as the newest TNA Hall of Famer by kicking Gail’s ass. EC3 is going to keep the cat fighting for Slammiversary. EC3 also announces that right now Gail Kim and her partner Jade will take on Maria’s personal assistants Sienna and Allie.

Fourth Match: Gail Kim & Jade vs. Sienna and Allie w/Maria Kanellis

EC3 tells Maria to have a sit at ringside. Allie and Gail starts off the match. Allie tries to run away by Gail grabs onto her hair. Gail drives Allie head to the top turnbuckle pads inside the six sided ring. Gail ducks a right hand from Allie. Allie rolls out of the way and tags in Sienna. Sienna with a ground and pound attack. Gail with a series of forearms to Sienna. Gail connects with a stinger splash in the corner. Gail tags in Jade. Jade with a german suplex for a two count. Jade launches Gail onto Sienna. Jade sends Allie to the outside. Sienna launches Gail to the corner. Sienna drives her shoulders to the midsection of Gail.

Snap mare and Sienna connects with a standing vertical suplex for a two count. Sienna slaps Gail in the face. Sienna spits at Jade. Jade is held back by Earl Hebner. Sienna tags in Allie. Allie chokes Gail. Sienna and Allie launches Gail in the air and she falls back first onto the mat. Allie goes for a pin, but Gail kicks out at the count of two. Gail tags in Jade. Jade with a missile dropkick to Sienna for a two count. Jade sends Sienna to the corner with a basement dropkick. Allie tags herself in. Jade lands a series of forearms. Sienna goes for the Yokosuka Kick, but Gail counters with the Eat Defeat. Jade drops Allie with the Package Piledriver to pickup the victory.

Winner: Gail Kim & Jade

Fifth Match: James Storm vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis

Storm is punching Bennett on the outside.Bennett responds with a clothesline. Mike finally removes his jacket. Bennett with a lariat in the corner. Storm got a two count off of the Eye of the Storm. He followed up with a Codebreaker. Maria climbed onto the apron with a beer bottle. Storm took it from her. She slapped him.

Bennett rolled up Storm for the win. After the match EC3 appears on the stage and says that the games are over. Bennett calls himself God, and he is his devil. EC3 said he is coming to your church, God and said he will punch him in the mouth, and burn that bitch down. But I leave you with this, EC3 said. A kick to the face. Bennett turned and he’s dropped by the Last Call Superkick.

Winner: Mike Bennett

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results & Photos– January 19, 2016
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Mike Bennett and Maria Kannelis are backstage, and they’re…TALKING!
Afterthe commercial, Lashley is backstage and says he’s waited for this opportunity for a year, and Kurt gave it to him. Suddenly, a really, really hot girl comes in, gets all over Lashley, and tells him to take a good look because his pain is her pleasure.
Maria Kannelis comes out and welcomes us to her place of worship, and she wants to know if the fans believe in the Miracle.
“The Miracle” Mike Bennett vs Pepper Parks
Bennet outwrestles Parks and slaps him, but that fires Parks up, and Parks goes nuts unloading with right hands and kicks. He charges at Bennett, and runs right into a superkick. Bennett is on Parks like a shot, hammering him with right hands and then hitting a corner clothesline. Bennett hits a vertical suplex for 2, then comes off the second rope, Parks tries to get the boot up and Bennett stops short before landing on it, but Parks kicks him anyway. Parks mounts a bit of a comeback, but Bennett snaps off a spinebuster, hits a short right hand, and finishes it with a Cradle Shock.
Winner: Mike Bennett
Bennett gets a mic and says we just witnessed a real life Miracle, and Parks definitely needed a miracle because what he is doing is building a Kingdom of Miracles where everybody screams out “YES WE DO!”



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