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Name: #8 ‘Sparkle & Shine’
Released : October 2016
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Bound for Glory Results
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Robert Irvine, Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett Backstage :

Jeremy Borash interviews Chef Robert Irvine. Robert says that he’s Mr. Gail Kim tonight. Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett joins the conversation. Maria tells Robert that tonight is not Gail Kim’s night, it’s Maria’s. Robert tells The Bennett’s that they are going to have a rough night tonight. Maria declares herself the greatest knockout’s champion of all-time. Bennett calls Maria the greatest knockout of all-time, at the same time he calls himself the best damn pro wrestler on the planet. Bennett talks about his upcoming match with Moose

Maria Kanellis (c) (w/ Mike Bennett and Allie) vs. Gail Kim :

Maria says that she has bad news. She talked to her doctor and he said that her hand is still broken. Allie says that Maria must have heard her doctor wrong, she’s medically cleared. Maria and Allie begin to argue. Gail attacks Maria. Gail brings Maria into the ring. Maria whips Gail’s face first to the top turnbuckle. Maria chokes Gail with a her boot. Maria with a series of forearms to Gail in the corner. Maria goes for a pin, but Gail kicks out at the count of two.

Maria applies a rear chin lock. Maria clotheslines Gail. Maria goes for a running forearm, but Gail ducks out of the way. Maria plants Gail with a spine buster for a two count. Maria tells Gail to stay down. Mike Bennett hops on the ring apron. Bennett tosses his wife his brace. Gail kicks Bennett off the ring apron. Maria hits Gail in the face with the brace for a two count. Maria tells Allie to give her the brace. Allie throws the brace into the ring, but Gail catches it. Gail throws the brace out of the ring. Gail with a running clothesline to Maria. Gail drags Maria into the ring post. Gail applies a ring post figure four leg lock. Gail slaps Maria in the face. Gail drops Maria with the Eat Defeat to pickup the victory.

Winner: New TNA Knockout’s Champion Gail Kim

Cody & Brandi Rhode’s TNA Debut:

Mike Bennett get’s on the mic and says that he’s holding tonight’s PPV hostage and there’s nobody that can stop him. Cody and Brandi walk down the ramp. Maria tells Cody to go back to WWE. Brandi gets in Maria’s face. Maria slaps Brandi. Brandi responds with a leaping knee strike. Bennett and Cody engage in rocker’s punches. Cody drops Bennett with the Beautiful Disaster Kick. Bennett rolls out of the ring. Cody celebrates in the ring with his wife.

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Impact Wrestling Results : 9/29/16
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Maria Kanellis & Allie Backstage Segment:

Allie didn’t know how Gail Kim got inside the ninja outfit last week. Maria says that Bound for Glory will be her crowning achievement and it better go off perfectly unlike last week. Maria wants an apology. Allie apologizes, but Maria wants her to say it louder. Laurel Van Ness joins the conversation. Maria says that Van Ness is beautiful, talented and tall unlike Allie who’s stupid. Maria wants Allie to accompany Van Ness into the ring tonight. Introduce her and don’t mess it up.

Gail Kim & Maria Kanellis Sit-Down Interview:

McKenzie Mitchell is joined by TNA Knockout’s Champion Maria Kanellis and brand new TNA Hall of Famer Gail Kim to talk about their upcoming encounter at this Sunday’s Bound for Glory PPV. Maria Kanellis-Bennett is the greatest Knockouts Champion ever.

Gail can’t stand the fact that Maria actually believes this crap, and after nine months, she can’t wait to get her hands on Maria. Maria tells Gail that this isn’t a wrestling company, it’s an entertainment company, and Maria is a starmaker. Gail says this isn’t about stars, she’s taking that title back and there’s going to be nowhere for Maria to hide. Maria always finds a way, and at Bound For Glory, she’s going to kick Gail’s ass.

Fourth Match: Team EC3 (Ethan Carter III, Moose, Aron Rex and Gail Kim) vs. Team Lashley (Bobby Lashley, Mike Bennett, Drew Galloway and Maria Kanellis) in a Lethal LockDown Match:

[…] Maria Kanellis is the next entrant. Maria refuses to get in the cage. Lashley connects to ground EC3 in the corner. Rex with a lightning quick offense to Galloway. Bennett chokes Moose. Gail Kim is the final entrant. Gail chases Maria around the six sides of steel. Gail rolls Maria into the cage. EC3 with a running forearm to the back of Bennett. Maria runs out of the cage.

Gail chases Maria to the back.

Winner: Team Lashley (Bobby Lashley, Mike Bennett, Drew Galloway and Maria Kanellis)

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Impact Wrestling Results : 9/22/16
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Allie & Maria Kanellis Backstage Segment:

Allie’s on the phone looking for local independent competitors to participate in Maria Kanellis public workout later on tonight. Allie says that this workout is very important. Maria calls Allie stupid. Allie says that Maria is gonna look super amazing. Maria doesn’t want to look super amazing, she wants to send a message to Gail Kim. She’s the greatest Knockout’s Champion, EVER! Maria asks Allie if she’s right? Allie agrees. Maria says that everyone will see it later on tonight.

Maria Kanellis & Allie Segment:

Allie says she got the perfect opponent for Maria tonight. Maria says she hopes Allie didn’t screw that up too, and Allie says she didn’t mess up when she laid down for Maria to get her the Knockouts Title. Maria asks Allie if she thinks she deserves credit for that? Allie doesn’t deserve anything. Maria says that tonight’s public workout will be special and walks away.

Maria Kanellis Public Workout:

Attention everyone. You’re about to witness the public workout for the TNA Knockout’s Championship Match at Bound for Glory. Maria calls Allie annoying. Allie is in Maria’s camera shot and no one wants to see her. Maria says that Sienna deserves a title shot, but not tonight. Maria reminds everybody that she’s the first lady of professional wrestling, the leader of the knockout’s division and the greatest knockout’s champion ever. Maria tells Allie to turn around. Tonight is about her proving that she’s the best fighter in the world. Maria tells Allie to bring out her opponent. Sienna attacks Maria’s first opponent from behind while Maria is distracting the referee. Maria goes to the ground and pound attack. Maria scores the pinfall on her first opponent.

Maria feels great because she’s greatest knockout champion ever. Maria tells Allie to get her the next opponent, and Allie says she didn’t because Maria told her to get her the easiest opponents, and Maria says she never said that and insists that she should fight her because Allie is stupid. A lady dressed in a ninja outfit comes down to the ring. Ninja lady goes for the bicycle kick, but Maria backs herself into the ropes. Maria goes to the waist lock. The Ninja trips Maria. It appears that Gail Kim was dressed in the ninja outfit. Gail goes for the Eat Defeat on Maria, but Sienna drops Gail with a running shoulder tackle. Sienna goes for the Silencer, but Gail gets back on her feet. Gail drops Sienna with the Eat Defeat. Maria runs to the back.

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TNA One Night Only September 2016 Results
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Maria and Mike Bennett ‘The Miracle’ Backstage :

Mike Bennett (w/Maria) vs. Braxton Sutter:

Bennett attacked and the bell sounded. He worked over Sutter for a minute or so, and then Sutter fired up with rights and slammed Bennett to the corners repeatedly. He teased stomping on Bennett’s balls, and then hit a falcon arrow (HE DID THE DEAL) for a near fall. They brawled to the floor, Bennett tried to use Maria as a shield, they argued and Sutter punched Bennett in the face. Maria yelled at him, allowing Bennett to slam him to the steps a few times. No one cared about this match, as the crowd chanted, “WE WANT ALLIE” at Maria as Bennett worked the heatless heat segment. Bennett hit repeated kicks to the head. Bennett up top, and then dropped down because Sutter rolled away. He slammed him and went up top, but had to drop down again. Sutter finally scored with a boot and then Bennett missed the corner charge. He made the comeback, hitting clotheslines and a snap slam. Maria then distracted Sutter; Bennett almost hit her, leading t a sloppy back and forth. Sutter escaped the miracle in progress, Maria tried to help again and Sutter got a roll up for a near fall. Sutter AGAIN argued with Maria, and Bennett got the miracle in progress and won.

Winner : Mike Bennett

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Impact Wrestling Results : 9/15/16
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Backstage Segment: Maria Kanellis-Bennett

Maria says she can’t wait to find out who she will be facing at Bound for Glory for her Knockouts title. She doesn’t want to step on Gail Kim’s hall of fame induction, so we will have the ceremony tonight instead of at BFG.

In Ring Segment: Maria and Allie

Maria says she is the greatest Knockout Champion. Unfortunately, everyone wants to talk about someone else. The crowd starts to chant for Allie. Maria says no, it’s not Allie. Allie is stupid and common just like everyone else in the arena. Maria calls Gail Kim to come to the ring so they can get her hall of fame induction out of the way. Maria airs a video package featuring all the times she has attacked Kim. Maria tells Kim that she wrote her speech for her: “Maria is better than me” the end. Maria gives Kim a picture of herself as the championship. Allie says she actually got Kim a gift because she thinks Kim is the greatest Knockout of all time. Allie tries to give Kim her gift, but Maria grabs it and stomps on it.

Dixie Carter joins them in the ring and tells Maria that as long as she is the Knockouts champion it is a conflict of interest for Maria to be in charge of the Knockouts. Dixie says Kim will get her proper induction at BFG. Dixie also enters Kim in the gauntlet match to determine the number one contender for the Knockouts championship.

Knockouts Gauntlet Match

Jade and Allie are to kick off the gauntlet. Before Allie can get in the ring, Maria comes out and tells Allie that she has someone better than her in the match tonight. Maria introduces Laurel Van Ness.

Jade laughs at Van Ness. Van Ness elbows Jade in the jaw. Jade chops Van Ness. The two trade strikes. Van Ness tosses Jade. Sienna enters the ring. Sienna and Van Ness team up and beat down Jade. Gail Kim is next to enters. Kim hits a dropkick off the top to Van Ness. Sienna attacks Kim from behind. Van Ness chokes Jade in the corner with her boot. Martie Bell enters next. Bell goes right after Kim. Bell Russian leg sweeps Kim. Bell and Van Ness both stomp Jade in the corner. Bell argues with Van Ness because she wants to be the only person beating down Jade.

Raquel enters next. Raquel takes Sienna down with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Madison Rayne enters next. Rayne hits two enzguris on Sienna. Bell tries to attack Rayne from behind, but Rayne cuts her off with a chop/elbow combo.

After a short break, Bell hits a Pedigree on Jade. Rayne sneaks up behind Bell and hits her with a roll of the dice. Rayne is eliminated by Van Ness. Jade goes up to the top rope, but Bell knocks her to the outside with a pump kick. Bell gets dumped out by Sienna. Sienna eliminates Raquel. Maria tells Allie to get in the ring. Allie can’t get on the apron but she is holding onto the top rope. Van Ness tries to dump Kim, but Kim reverses it and throws her into the rope Allie is holding down. Van Ness is eliminated. Sienna stomps on Kim. Sienna sets up the AK47, but Kim reverses it into a sunset flip for a near fall. Sienna attempts the Silencer, but Kim reverses it into Eat d’Feet. It’s over.

Winner and number one contender for the Knockouts title, Gail Kim

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Rhodes vs. Bennett, to be continued ?
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Could former WWE announcer Brandi Rhodes, AKA Eden, be making her way to TNA?

According to a new report from Dave Metlzer (via SE Scoops) Brandi’s husband Cody Rhodes has been in talks with TNA, revealing that there is a deal in place to bring the couple to the company soon. It should be noted that the deal would not be an exclusive one, as Rhodes would also work for Ring of Honor.

The report further states that the idea is for Cody to come in to feud with Mike Bennett with Brandi playing off against Mike Bennett’s wife, current TNA Knockouts Champion, Maria Kanellis.
Both Cody and Brandi departed from the WWE just a few months ago and since then, Brandi has been acting as Cody’s special ring announcer on the independent scenes as well as working on some in-ring training.


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