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Name: #8 ‘Sparkle & Shine’
Released : October 2016
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Happy Father’s Day!!
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 wish you a Happy Father’s Day to everyone! Also we Wish our Amazing Lady Maria a Happy Father’s Day! Well we are Thankful to Maria’s Father For bring to us an Amazing idol,Sexy,Hot Amazing,Cute,Awesome …Well words can’t explain Maria she is an Amazing Preson I ever Known Thank You Maria’s Father For being with her always , For supporting her,For Being Not only a Father For her More than that! Thank You For Caring about her , For giving her his Big Heart Thank You for unstoppable LOVE for Maria!

as Maria said in her interview :  “My dad, when I was doing Playboy, he said, ‘I don’t want to know about it. I don’t want to see it. I don’t ever want to talk about it.’ So me and my father have never talked about the fact that I’ve done Playboy.” Do you see How Maria’s Father Care about Maria!
Also Maria said : “When I was three, my dad told me I can be anything I wanted to be. And I knew from a very small age that I always wanted to entertain”

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AfterBUZZ TV hosts For Monday Night RAW! (BEST Of AfterBuzz TV F...
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As will You know that AfterBuzz TV For Monday Night RAW will Back Online on 11th of june (This Monday) & Maria Posted who will be Host with her

It’s Really the BEST After BuzzTV EVER!!  WWE Divas will be host After BUZZ TV!!

Update : 6/17

After Buzz TV For RAW  will be Tomorrow 8:15 pacific after Raw!

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The Color Commentator Magazine featuring Maria & Mike Benne...
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Maria & Mike Bennett are featuring in The Color Commentator Magazine featuring it’s  features an exclusive interview that they did it!

This month’s issue features an exclusive interview with ROH’s Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett, Chris Bennoit 5 yrs later, Wrestling and Music, Junior Dos Santos, Silva vs Belfort, WWE and Dragonball Z and so much more. Source  

Make sure to Check The photos on the Gallery!
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The interview :


TCC: How did you celebrate Memorial Day weekend or did you have to work?
Maria: Yesterday, me and Mike laid out by the pool all day. We just made sandwiches and hung out.
TCC: You’re now the First Lady of ROH,  you could have gone anywhere in the world… why ROH?
Maria: I’ve always been a fan. I think the wrestling is amazing, the guys are wonderful, and they’re some of the hardest working wrestlers I’ve ever worked with. It’s one of those places… it’s a niche. A lot of the greatest wrestlers in the world came from there, and continue to wrestler on TV. I saw it a long time ago. And I loved it then, and I love it even more now. Jessicka Havok talked to us about a wrestling seminar that you did with her. She said that before that seminar she had no respect for you coming into it, she thought you were just a Diva Search girl. But after meeting and interacting with you, you flipped her whole opinion once she saw your love and respect for the business.
TCC :So you were a fan first and foremost?

Maria: It’s funny, there’s a story, and I just recently told Matt and Jeff (Hardy) I flashed them in Rockford, Ill. when I went to a wrestling show. I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was little. I love Rowdy Roddy Piper, basically because of Piper’s Pit. When I was in the Diva Search competition, I called Jonathan Coachman a Popcorn Fart, cause that’s what The Rock called him. So I thought it was okay for me to call him that as well. And he proceeded to send me through to the next round of the Divas Search. I have so much respect for the wrestlers, and even more for the women’s wrestling because it’s a lot of times overlooked. And women’s wrestling has been around for along time. It used to be in the circuses. I got to sit down with Killim Gillam’s family and talk with them about what their mom was like. I just love women’s wrestling. I’ve
never been fantastic in the ring, I’m the first one to admit it, but I can tell you so much about how to be a star. And that’s what that seminar ended up being. When they first said you’re giving a wrestling seminar I said, ‘I’m not giving them any advice to these girls on how to wrestle, but I can tell them how to be a star. And I will tell them
how to make it in this crazy world that is World Wrestling Entertainment.’ And that’s what I based it on. I didn’t base it on my in ring wrestling knowledge. I based it on the other things that are a part of wrestling. Okay,

TCC: well we saw you make your goal or being a wrestler through the Diva Search, but did you always want to be a wrestler? Or did you want to be veterinarian, amodel, a scientist…

Maria: When I was three, my dad told me I can be anything I wanted to be. And I knew from a very small age that I always wanted to entertain. So it landed me in professional wrestling. Which I never thought could happen, because I thought Lita and Trish were untouchable. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get there. I didn’t know about the indy circuit at the time. So I never even fathomed I could make it into professional wrestling. I thought it was untouchable.
But I knew I always wanted to entertain. I was a bikini model and I was taking acting classes when I started the Diva Search. I had quit everything. I quit teaching in dance class, being in dance class, and school because I knew the one thing I wanted to do was entertain.

TCC: What was the family’s perspective? Were they supportive?

Maria: Always! My mom used to drive me to bikini contest when I was 17 yrs old so I could do a bikini contest in a bar because you couldn’t be in a bar until you were 18. So my mom would drive me in the middle of the night, we would go do bikini contest. I was a bikini model since I was 14 years old. So I may not have paid my dues in a wrestling ring before I made it to World Wrestling Entertainment, but I’ve driven 9 hours to get paid no money, just to compete in a
bikini contest. So when it comes to that I’ve certainly done it. I’ve starved, I have done all kinds of things for the business that is entertainment. I love every moment of it. It’s given me a lot of great opportunities and I wouldn’t change anything. Had I known about the independents I probably would have gotten into it, but I had no idea about it. You talk about traveling just to do a contest, but you go up on stage in a bikini for a contest.. Is it the way you’ve been raised or how

TCC: do you have the confidence to do that?

Maria: Oh my gosh, I’m the most insecure person on the planet, still to this day. I think it’s because of that insecurity it’s why I‘ve always had to fight against it. When I was little and started going to agencies, they said I was too fat and too short. At the time I weighed 96 lbs. and I was 5’5”. I was definitely not too fat; I was definitely too short. But I find it hilarious, because that’s always the thing, ‘You must be so confident because you’re in those tiny little outfits.’ It’s because I’m so insecure that I’m in those tiny little outfits. It’s fighting against what your body
is telling you not to do. When your mind is like why are you in such little clothing. It makes it an adrenaline rush. And it makes it so fun.
TCC: What about people close around you think about the tiny clothes. I know you’re okay with it, but it looks like you have a brother and what about (boyfriend) Mike (Bennett)?

Maria: (Laughs) My dad, when I was doing Playboy, he said, ‘I don’t want to know about it. I don’t want to see it. I don’t ever want to talk about it.’ So me and my father have never talked about the fact that I’ve done Playboy. It’s so funny. My brother can care less. I’ve dressed crazy since I was a little girl. My mom used to buy the little outfits for me, she used to go with me to the stripper store, to the bikini modeling contests, to all of it. She never cared. I have a little sister. When my little sister was still in high school, when I was with the WWE, she asked me not to dress so sexy when I went to her high school events. So I had to dress down. Mike  doesn’t care. Earlier today I was getting ready to go out, I was standing in my bra and panties, and holding my purse, I was like, ‘Should I go out like this?’ He was like, ‘Yeah go out like that.’I was like, “No, I think I need some clothes.’ He doesn’t care. He knows what he’s getting into just like I know what I’m getting into when he goes out in his little unders that he wears in front of the millions on TV and thousands in the audience. If I was a partier, if I was going out every night and drinking all night Long and scantily clothes that may be different. But I’m a homebody. I barely go out, and when I do it’s for a damn good reason. I love to just relax and to sit at home. And I like cooking… I’m not a crazy girl. There was a very short time that I was, but pretty much my whole life I’ve been a homebody. If I was crazy and scantily clad…but I’m a homebody so I don’t think he really cares.
TCC: Are you a good cook?

Maria: You’ll have to ask Mike. Well you’ve done a lot of things since you left the WWE, maybe a
cookbook will be next. I’ve got a couple books in the works right now, I do have to say that.
One of them is a comic book. A cookbook isn’t quite in the works yet, but you never know. Me and
Mike are working on a book together, which might be out in a few years. I like doing different
things. I learned to sword fight last year, which was one of the most fun experiences of my entire life. I just like doing different things, so maybe a cookbook eventually.

TCC: What is this Fantasy Women Battles?

Maria: Well, it’s 16 women, 8 battles to start with. Then it goes down; it’s like a bracket system. We’re hoping it will be a television show. If not, it will be like an online gaming system where you can vote for your favorite characters. And whoever you vote for wins and whoever you don’t vote for loses. Or lives or dies. I’ve never sweat so much in my entire life, whether it’s
wrestling, running or spin class as I did when I was sword fighting. And I made that costume that I wore in it. And they all laughed at me hysterically, but the one they put me in originally I was like hell no. So I made my own costume.
TCC : Every lady has a character, what’s yours?

Maria: I’m a demon. The arch demonist of hell. And I wheel an axe. Everything I couldn’t do in the
WWE, I get to do now. And I’ve always wanted to be bad, because I think I’m bad at heart. So I get to play the bad girl. When I tweeted a link, someone responded real quick.. Daris brought her up a few minutes ago, Jessicka Havoc wants to know why you suspended her from Crossfire? Why did I suspend her? Because, the match was over. The match was finished and she proceeded to give the girl another devastating move. And it was uncalled for, the girl was clearly out of it. It was disrespectful and it’s my rules down in Crossfire. I’m the creative director down there. I can bring them in and I can take them out. I know she showed up in May, at the last show, but I’m gonna be there in August, and I can’t wait to see here then.

TCC: Now I have to ask you where your head is at, there was a big bout that didn’t go your way. There was a four corners match, with the world title opportunity on the line, which was kinda stolen by Roderick Strong.
Maria: Kinda?

Mike: Kinda? It was definitely stolen by Roderick Strong. I had the plan all set and ready to win and he tossed me out of the ring. I think Kevin Kelly was the one who said it, I was the only the one who has yet to receive a world title shot. So I will be at Best in the World, I will have a live microphone. I don’t have a match but I do have a live microphone, so that will be addressed at the Best in the World.

TCC: There was a lot of fanfare when you came in. You said you were going to win the TV title and then you were going to win the world title. …What happened?
Mike: Well, some might say my ego might got in my way. Some might say Steve Corino got in my
way. Some might say Jay Lethal got in my way. But I strongly believe if you don’t have the cockiness in yourself when you make a splash, anywhere you’re at, then no one will take you seriously. Did I do exactly what I said I was going to do? No. But as far as world titles or some type of championship I promised I was going to have one. And I still plan on it. But in the meantime I build a bigger and better crew. First I had Brutal Bob, and then I acquired Maria…

Maria: Acquired? [Laughter] Well you speak of bringing in Maria, not using your choice of words for it, and it seems like there’s been a change in attitude. Your demeanor, if you will.

TCC: What specifically having her by your side in ROH done for you?
Mike: Well I think the biggest thing is helping me to see the big picture, so much as she’s taught me stuff on the inside that most people don’t see. The mindset. Stay hungry. I think my mind has changed as I want more than when I first started. Brutal Bob helped me to a certain extent. Now with her I have to see the bigger picture. If I want something I have to go take it. I think she’s been the best thing for me in wrestling period.
TCC : What’s this about change with Maria? First Jessicka Havoc has a change, then Mike’s been changed…hopefully things are changing here and we replace the WWE Magazine on the shelves. She has the golden touch.

Maria: I don’t know about that. [Laughs] Sometimes I think I have too big of a mouth. I don’t know, I think sometimes I tell people what they don’t see in themselves. Or maybe aren’t willing to admit. Or they’re afraid of success. When I saw Jessicka in the ring for the very first time, I just knew. She just has an aura around her. And when I met Mike backstage, I knew backstage I wanted him to be a part of my life for a very long time. I never saw him wrestle, but I knew he had something. And I see that in a lot of people. There’s actually a funny story down in Ohio Valley with me and Kennedy.  It was Paul Heyman’s story, and he said it before, where I said why doesn’t he come back and repeat Kennedy? And that just became his thing. I just say things sometimes, and sometimes I have a big of a mouth. But sometimes it works. Maybe I just talk a lot and sometimes it just works. I love the people who do love wrestling and are in it for the right reasons. When I see that, it just motivates me. And sometimes other people’s dedication makes me a better person and better in wrestling. I was almost completely done with wrestling, until I met Mike and he brought me back in.

TCC: A tweet from @MrMediaUK wants to know if would like to come over to the UK to do some indy shows?

Mike: Yeah, I would love to. The furthest I’ve ever done anything out of the country is Canada. So for me it’s an all new learning experience. So if I can head over to the UK, Japan, or any of these places I’d love to go. Because I’m constantly learning, and you can’t do any better than going to a different country and learning a different style or a different person or seeing how those fans react opposed to those in the states. So I would love
Maria: And I just want to go on vacation with my boyfriend.

TCC: So if anyone wants to hire us…Any specific place?
Maria: Well, I would love to go toGreece. That’s number one on my list. And I always love to go back to London; it’s one of my favorite cities in the entire world. And, of course, going back to Japan. I love being over there. I love wrestling there. I love the culture. It’s just a great place to be. Mexico is another one I worked at before. I love the crowd over there. They are just
vibrant, wonderful people down There.
Mike: For me personally it would be Japan only because I was never a big Japanese wrestling fan until I started with (ROH), and I’m still not a huge fan because I’m still learning about it. So I’m not going to sit here and lie and say I know everything about Japanese wrestling when I really don’t. So I think the fact of just emerging myself in that culture in that completely different atmosphere, and being totally being out of my element. Because when I started with ROH I was totally out of my element, and now I’m finally finding my groove…I feel it would be the same thing if I started in Japan.

TCC: Switching things up, a couple weeks ago, I remember (Mike) your Twitter was blowing up
because I know you support No Hate and all that. What were your thoughts that day with the people you were going back and forth with?
Mike: My thoughts were ignorance is bliss. Because the people who were responding to me were so ignorant and they had no idea what they were talking about. The whole gay marriage and gay rights is near and dear to my heart because one of my best friends is gay. And I’m a huge history buff, I’m huge into Civil Rights Movement and I’m a huge Martin Luther King fan. And for our country to be going into something similar with gay rights and gay marriage to me seems so
ignorant in the fact that I live in this country, and I love this country, but sometimes I hate the fact that I live here because the people here can be so dumb and so uneducated. And to listen to them say that, when all I do is post a picture supporting gay marriage and where they have to bombard my Twitter with the fact that they disapprove of it. I’m not preaching this, I’m just telling people where I stand. So the fact that people attacked me for that drove me nuts. Which made me believe ignorance is truly bliss.

TCC: And from Twitter, @ H2HCrelly is there anyone from WWE or TNA you’d love to face?

Mike: I’ve wrestled a lot of guys from TNA already, but from the WWE… I would love to face CM Punk. He’s the best on the roster right now, and he comes from ROH. The guy’s just awesome. The best mic work there, he can go in the ring… him and Dolph Ziggler. I think Dolph is just amazing. [Caller]: I had to call in because a few weeks ago Mark Madden said ROH has no stars in that company. As I fan, I find him to be stupid and out of touch.
TCC: I’ll get your guys’ thoughts on that?

Mike: That’s another thing that really struck a nerve with me to say there’s no stars. Because I believe back in the day when Punk, and Joe, and Nigel and Bryan were in ROH people were saying they were nobodies and they said they would never be stars. And I believe Mark Madden specifically said that Daniel Bryan couldn’t draw money if you dipped him in glue and dragged him through a bank. And now the fact that he’s on top of the WWE. I don’t really get it. To say that there are no stars. And he says there’s no CM Punk and there’s no Samoa Joe, and he’s absolutely right because those guys are on to bigger and better things. But there is Kevin Steen, Mike Bennett, Edddie Edwards and Davey Richards. We’re starting a whole  new era in wrestling and we’re building a company that CM Punk and Samoa Joe help set a base for. And now we have a bigger stage to perform on. So it did strike a nerve. It just seems like it was a slap in the face and had no base for what he said.

Maria: Sometimes I think it’s funny. I think people should go back and read the timelines from the 2004- 2005 era of Ring of Honor. At that time they criticized ever match, every move a guy did, every character, every guy there. And now people are saying that’s the Golden Era just like years from now they’re going to say now is the Golden Era of Ring of Honor. It’s just how it goes. People like to complain, complain, complain, but what they’re seeing on television now is the better than it’s ever been.

TCC: What is the vibe in the locker room after all the problems with the iPPV?
Maria: You have to know it’s a company that’s building, it’s a company that’s growing. This last TV taping was the best TV taping I think they’ve ever had. Seeing a little bit of the footage back was incredible. You will not believe the footage going forward; it’s amazing. Everyone is so willing to learn and willing to grow. But whatever, stuff happens. You move on from there because if you don’t move on you’re never going to get any better. You’re just going to always dwell on the past. Whatever, things happen. Pay-per-views didn’t make it up. But it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is the wrestlers. And the people that are there busting their asses every single night. And they’re the ones putting on the show. And they’re the ones you’re going to see on these up-and coming TVs that really put on a good show.

Mike: I’d be lying if I didn’t say nobody’s frustrated. You’re going out and we’re saying we’re going to give you this product. It’s like winning the Super Bowl and nobody sees it. We want everyone to see it, but it’s more so the fact that as wrestlers we say we can’t control this. What we can control is what we put on in the ring. And as far as Border Wars is concerned, there was close to 2,000 people in that arena. There’s still 2,000 people that paid their hard earned money to pay to see us do what we do. So we’re not going to phone it in, and we’re still going to going to put on the best Ring of Honor performance they’ve ever seen.

TCC: What is the feel with the new ownership since Sinclair came in?
Mike: I think more so we have a big time feel to us. They treat us good. When I was signed, Cary Silkin was still under ownership. Again, he’s one of the best bosses I’ve ever had but now we have Joe Cobb and Joe loves the product and Sinclair loves the product, and they‘re putting all their efforts into this one company because they see something special. I know personally, I can’t speak for anyone else in the locker room, but I know personally I’ve enjoyed every bit of the transition…The transition for me has been great.
TCC: We spoke to Maria before you [Mike] came on, now I want to know about your transition to pro wrestling. Were you also a big fan growing up?
Mike: Well, I was a fan when I was like five years old. I used to wrestle with my bestfriend Eli in the basement. We wrestled with the little wrestling dolls. He was Hogan and I was Warrior…or it might have been the other way around. I’m not sure. And then I stopped watching until I was like 13 or 14, and then I got hooked again with the Attitude Era. It was one of those things I knew I was going to do it. I said this is what I’m going to do regardless… And I know it’s a storyline in Ring of Honor, but Iwas trained by Bob Evans. He was my first original trainer. He trained me and he helped me to places where I never thought I would get. And then I started training with Steve Bradley, the MoFo. He was under a development contract with the WWE back in ‘98, I think. Bob trained me and then Steve inspired me. …I came back home to Boston and trained with Spike Dudley. I’ve done seminars with guys. I’m always constantly learning. But that was my big break, training with Eli in his basement.

TCC: Were you the jock in high school?

[Maria Laughing]
Mike: God no. I always played sports. I’ve always been an athlete because I love sports. But I was far from the jock. I think when I graduated I was 150 lbs.
Maria: He was little.

Mike: I was little. I didn’t start really hitting the gym ‘til my senior year, the end of my junior year, maybe senior year of high school. I was still… I’m not going to say I was picked on, because I was never really picked on in high school but I was kind of a wrestling nerd, in the fact that, my entire high school career I would wear wrestling shirts to school. And everyone would want to see what wrestling shirt I  was going to wear. But I did play sports. I played basketball and I played soccer. I was always an athlete but I was far from a jock. I was too far obsessed with wrestling to be a jock or care what was going on in high school.

TCC : Now you said in your P.S.A. that 2012 is your year. What’s left to be done?

Mike: There’s still lots to be done. I think honestly truthfully this is going to be my biggest year. By the end of the year I’m going to make a splash. Inside, outside of wrestling. There’s lots to be done. We’re building a company. As far as wearing the gold, I truthfully believe, by the end of the year, I will be. Whether it be the TV title or the world title there’s lots of guys to get in the ring with and Kevin Steen is definitely one of them. So, I predict gold around my waist by the end of
the year.
Maria: My biggest goal right now is I want to get into the ring Sara Del Ray. She says the queen and I’m the First Lady, so I figure why not have a match? And she’s one of Ring of
Honor’s sweetheart so of course I want that. Beyond that, I want to support my man. I came into Ring of Honor to do just that… Outside of wrestling, I’m hoping to get the sword fighting project off the ground. I’m a huge fan of the Benchwarmer cards that I’ve been working on and I hope that that continues to explode and get bigger and better. I plan on furthering my education at some point in my life. So I’m definitely looking at that. And watching my niece and nephew grow is a big goal for me this year so I hope to get home a bit more often.

TCC: What are you going back to school for?

Maria: Interior Design. You mentioned Sara Del Rey, you both have the ties to ROH, but we haven’t seen a lot of women’s wrestling in a long time.

TCC: Do you think that will be something they’ll bring back?

Maria: Well, I know Mia [Yim] is there. And Mia wants wrestling. And I’m there and I want wrestling.

TCC: Have you ever heard two girls begging and pleading for what they want?

Maria:I know it’s in the works, it will happen eventually. But right now we’ve got so many great guys to build, that it’s okay if we’re not wrestling. She’s got her group and I’ve got my people to take care of. Upcoming ROH shows Ring of Honor’s Best in the World in NYC on June 24, where Bennett will do a live P.S.A. On June 29th in Baltimore Mike faces Lance Storm in a Third Times the Charm Match. ROH in Pittsburgh on June 30th.

Social media handles:

Mike: @ROHMikeBennett
Maria: @MariaLKanellis. Facebook
is OfficalMariaKanellis.
Make sure to catch them on to discuss
Monday Night Raw after Monday
Night Raw.

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Diva Focus: The Divas of Raw
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      Posted 5 HQ Photos of Maria at RAW events! Make sure to Check Them Out!!
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The Divas of Raw

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Maria Kanellis vs. Jillian Hall with Winter as the ref. I got to say that all three women look hotter in person than they do on TV. The match ends pretty quickly as Winter slow counts Maria’s pin while fast counting Jillian’s. They start beating on Maria afterwards, but Rosita makes the save, and it’s now a tag match.

Maria Kanellis and Rosita vs. Winter and Jillian Hall. A very well done match. Rosita did a lot of Lucha Libre moves and wrestled WAY better than she has on TNA before. All four ladies did a great job. Winners are Maria and Rosita.

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UPCOMING EVENT ! ROH Wrestling “Best in the World”
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Maria will be with her man Mike Bennett in Ringside on the 24th of June For more info go to

Now we Know what Color Maria will be Wearing in ROH Best in the World!

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