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Maria calls Donald Trump “A HYPOCRITE”
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Maria calls Trump’s comments ‘degrading, disrespectful’
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Maria Kanellis-Bennett, the woman at the center of the “Celebrity Apprentice” firing, spoke with NBC 10 News Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016. (WJAR)

CRANSTON, R.I. (WJAR) — The woman at the center of “Celebrity Apprentice” firing spoke with NBC 10 News Wednesday, giving her side of the story.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett is a professional wrestler, as well as a student at Johnson & Wales University in Providence.

In 2010, she was a contestant on the reality TV show. As she sat with Donald Trump in the boardroom, she made a comment about another contestant that upset Trump.

“You came in our dressing room and took a crap, and left the stench in our room,” Kanellis-Bennett said of her co-star, with Trump replying, “This is my boardroom, not a locker room. Maria, you’re fired.”

Kanellis-Bennett admits her words were locker room talk. While she doesn’t apologize for it, she said the presidential candidate went way too far when he was caught on tape making vulgar comments about women.

“What Trump said is assault, and he’s making it glamorous,” Kanellis-Bennett said. “It’s disrespectful. It’s degrading, and it’s just plain rude.”

The former WWE Diva and Ring of Honor superstar currently performs for TNA Wrestling with her husband, Mike. Both have been in many locker rooms.

“If I heard a guy say that in the locker room, it would go from like, joking and then if they said what Trump said, you’d go, ‘What?’” Mike said.

Trump’s comments may have put the sleeper hold on his chances to win the election in November. For Kanellis-Bennett, they’re already down for the count.

“The President of the United States should represent the best of American culture, and right now, he’s representing the worst,” she said.

NBC 10 also asked Kanellis-Bennett if it’s safe to say that she’s voting for Hillary Clinton. She said while she’s not sure yet if she will vote for Clinton, she definitely won’t vote for Trump.

Screen Captures

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Impact Wrestling Results : 10/13/16
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Maria and Allie Backstage :

Allie tells Maria that she got a super important email. Maria says Allie needs to read it. Allie tells Maria that all of her cronies have been banned from ringside for her match tonight. Allie says she has an idea: why doesn’t Maria win the match all on her own? Maria tells Allie that she is stupid and walks away.

Mike Bennett ‘The Miracle’ w/ Maria vs. Cody Rhodes w/ Brandi :

Bennett and Cody meet in the middle of the ring and stare each other down. Bennett hits an arm drag, but Cody kicks Bennett in the chest. Bennett forces Cody into the corner. Cody manages to trap Bennett into a sunset flip for a two count Cody attempts the Beautiful disaster, but Bennett rolls out of the ring to avoid it. As Bennett is outside the ring, Cody hits a triangle splash tot he outside onto Bennett. As Bennett and Cody fight on the outside, Maria distracts Cody long enough for Bennett to kick Cody in the head. Bennett DDTs Cody off the barricade.

Back in the ring, Bennett floors Cody with a dropkick. Bennett misses a clothesline, which allows Cody to hit a clothesline of his own. Cody picks up Bennett and Alabama slams him. Cody hits the Beautiful Disaster kick. Cody calls for Cross Rhodes, but Bennett pushes Cody into the corner. Cody misses a moonsault off the top. Bennett superkicks Cody. Bennett Pedigrees Cody for a two count. Bennett goes up top, but Cody cuts him off. Cody superplexes Bennett off the top. Cody calls for the American Nightmare, but once again Maria distracts him. Bennett and Cody trades punches in the ring. Bennett misses a clothesline, which allows Cody to hit Cross Rhodes for the win!

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Maria, Mike and Allie Backstage :

TNA Women’s Championship No DQ match (If Maria loses she loses control of the Knockouts Division): Gail Kim (C) vs Maria

Maria tries to hit Kim with a trash can lid, but Kim moves out of the way. Maria tries to run u the ramp. Kim cuts her off with a clothesline. Kim goes to the back and reemerges with a rolling trash barrel. Kim puts Maria in it and rolls her into the ring post. Kim tosses Maria back into the ring and grabs a cookie sheet. Maria pokes Kim in the eye and hits her with a trash can lid. Maria slams Kim on the cookie sheet. Maria slams Kim’s head over and over again onto the mat. Maria hits a rolling neck breaker for a two count. Maria hits a spine buster for another near fall.

Maria tries to hit Kim with the trash can lid again, but Kim kicks the lid into Maria’s face. Kim dives off the top but misses her splash attempt. Maria tries to hit Kim with a kendo stick, but Kim reverses it into Eat d’Feet. Kim goes for the cover but pulls Maria up before the three count. Kim picks up Maria and hits Eat d’Feet with the trash can lid for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

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Impact Wrestling Results : 10/6/16
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Maria Kanellis, Allie, Sienna and Laurel Van Ness Backstage Segment:

Maria has still hasn’t heard a good reason why Allie open her big stupid mouth at Bound for Glory. Allie says that it’s always important to be honest. Maria reminds Allie that her conversation with her doctor was private. There’s a thing called patient confidentiality, so does Allie want to get sued? Maria has a better option, how about she fires her? Sienna says that Allie can’t get fired because she’s needed to carry bags. Sienna says that Allie doesn’t get the job done. Sienna will bring back their Knockout’s Championship tonight and Allie better not mess this up.

Second Match: Gail Kim (c) vs. Sienna w/Allie for the TNA Knockout’s Championship

Madison Rayne joins the commentary team for this match. Sienna shoves Allie into Gail and she’s sent crashing to the outside. Gail fires up with a series of forearms to Sienna. Sienna drives Gail back first into the steel ring post. Sienna bounces Gail’s head on the ring apron. Sienna lands a knife edge chop. Sienna rolls Gail back into the ring. Gail with a boot to the gut of Sienna. Sienna whips Gail sternum first into the turnbuckles. Sienna bodyslams Gail. Sienna continues to work on the back of Gail. Sienna goes for a pin, but Gail kicks out at the count of two.

Sienna applies a rear chin lock. Sienna drops Gail with a powerful clothesline. Sienna goes for the AK47, but Gail gets back on her feet. Gail regains momentum with a neck breaker. Gail goes for a hurricanrana, but Sienna counters with a flap jack for a two count. Gail with a roll up to pickup the victory. After the match Sienna attacks Gail from behind. Laurel Van Ness and Maria Kanellis comes down to the ring. Sienna drops Gail with the Silencer. Maria tells Sienna to pick her up. Maria says that she’ll get her rematch and it will be a no disqualification match. Maria tells Allie to slap her. Allie refuses, so Maria slaps her. Maria says that not only is she going to get her title back, but she’ll end Gail’s career.

Winner: Still TNA Knockout’s Champion Gail Kim

Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis In-Ring Segment:

Cody says that it’s flattering to be referred to as a game changer, but he thinks the game may be changing in general. Gail Kim is inducted into the Hall of Fame, the first Knockout ever, and in the 40-something years his family has been involved in wrestling, there’s never been anything like the Great War. Cody didn’t wait to get kicked out of his former house, he left on his own, and his guiding light. Cody takes the list out. Cody’s lovely wife reminded him that he shouldn’t have put Mike Bennett on the list, he should have put the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, but TNA has given him a title shot.

Any wrestler who says they don’t want to be the World Champion is lying through their teeth, and it’s an honor and privilege, and the opportunity of a lifetime. Mike Bennett and Maria comes out to interrupt the Rhodes. Bennett is returning the favor from Bound for Glory. Bennett was told he didn’t deserve a title shot and had to earn it. Cody says that they should fight. Cody drops Bennett with a right hand. Cody goes to the ground and pound attack. Bennett with a big boot to the face of Cody. Cody goes for the Cross Rhodes, but Bennett rolls out of the ring. Cody wants his first match next week with Mike Bennett.

Maria Kanellis & Aiden O’Shea Segment:

Maria tries to get in Billy Corgan’s office. Aiden O’Shea calls Maria toots. Maria reminds O’Shea that she’s the first lady in professional wrestling. Aiden O’Shea stops her because Billy put him there to take care of his business. Corgan saw what Maria did and didn’t like it, and the leader of the Knockouts should act better than that. Maria will have her rematch with Gail, but if she loses, she’s not the leader of the Knockouts anymore. O’Shea wishes toot’s luck.

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Bound for Glory Results
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Robert Irvine, Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett Backstage :

Jeremy Borash interviews Chef Robert Irvine. Robert says that he’s Mr. Gail Kim tonight. Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett joins the conversation. Maria tells Robert that tonight is not Gail Kim’s night, it’s Maria’s. Robert tells The Bennett’s that they are going to have a rough night tonight. Maria declares herself the greatest knockout’s champion of all-time. Bennett calls Maria the greatest knockout of all-time, at the same time he calls himself the best damn pro wrestler on the planet. Bennett talks about his upcoming match with Moose

Maria Kanellis (c) (w/ Mike Bennett and Allie) vs. Gail Kim :

Maria says that she has bad news. She talked to her doctor and he said that her hand is still broken. Allie says that Maria must have heard her doctor wrong, she’s medically cleared. Maria and Allie begin to argue. Gail attacks Maria. Gail brings Maria into the ring. Maria whips Gail’s face first to the top turnbuckle. Maria chokes Gail with a her boot. Maria with a series of forearms to Gail in the corner. Maria goes for a pin, but Gail kicks out at the count of two.

Maria applies a rear chin lock. Maria clotheslines Gail. Maria goes for a running forearm, but Gail ducks out of the way. Maria plants Gail with a spine buster for a two count. Maria tells Gail to stay down. Mike Bennett hops on the ring apron. Bennett tosses his wife his brace. Gail kicks Bennett off the ring apron. Maria hits Gail in the face with the brace for a two count. Maria tells Allie to give her the brace. Allie throws the brace into the ring, but Gail catches it. Gail throws the brace out of the ring. Gail with a running clothesline to Maria. Gail drags Maria into the ring post. Gail applies a ring post figure four leg lock. Gail slaps Maria in the face. Gail drops Maria with the Eat Defeat to pickup the victory.

Winner: New TNA Knockout’s Champion Gail Kim

Cody & Brandi Rhode’s TNA Debut:

Mike Bennett get’s on the mic and says that he’s holding tonight’s PPV hostage and there’s nobody that can stop him. Cody and Brandi walk down the ramp. Maria tells Cody to go back to WWE. Brandi gets in Maria’s face. Maria slaps Brandi. Brandi responds with a leaping knee strike. Bennett and Cody engage in rocker’s punches. Cody drops Bennett with the Beautiful Disaster Kick. Bennett rolls out of the ring. Cody celebrates in the ring with his wife.

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Impact Wrestling Results : 9/29/16
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Maria Kanellis & Allie Backstage Segment:

Allie didn’t know how Gail Kim got inside the ninja outfit last week. Maria says that Bound for Glory will be her crowning achievement and it better go off perfectly unlike last week. Maria wants an apology. Allie apologizes, but Maria wants her to say it louder. Laurel Van Ness joins the conversation. Maria says that Van Ness is beautiful, talented and tall unlike Allie who’s stupid. Maria wants Allie to accompany Van Ness into the ring tonight. Introduce her and don’t mess it up.

Gail Kim & Maria Kanellis Sit-Down Interview:

McKenzie Mitchell is joined by TNA Knockout’s Champion Maria Kanellis and brand new TNA Hall of Famer Gail Kim to talk about their upcoming encounter at this Sunday’s Bound for Glory PPV. Maria Kanellis-Bennett is the greatest Knockouts Champion ever.

Gail can’t stand the fact that Maria actually believes this crap, and after nine months, she can’t wait to get her hands on Maria. Maria tells Gail that this isn’t a wrestling company, it’s an entertainment company, and Maria is a starmaker. Gail says this isn’t about stars, she’s taking that title back and there’s going to be nowhere for Maria to hide. Maria always finds a way, and at Bound For Glory, she’s going to kick Gail’s ass.

Fourth Match: Team EC3 (Ethan Carter III, Moose, Aron Rex and Gail Kim) vs. Team Lashley (Bobby Lashley, Mike Bennett, Drew Galloway and Maria Kanellis) in a Lethal LockDown Match:

[…] Maria Kanellis is the next entrant. Maria refuses to get in the cage. Lashley connects to ground EC3 in the corner. Rex with a lightning quick offense to Galloway. Bennett chokes Moose. Gail Kim is the final entrant. Gail chases Maria around the six sides of steel. Gail rolls Maria into the cage. EC3 with a running forearm to the back of Bennett. Maria runs out of the cage.

Gail chases Maria to the back.

Winner: Team Lashley (Bobby Lashley, Mike Bennett, Drew Galloway and Maria Kanellis)

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