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Name: #8 ‘Sparkle & Shine’
Released : October 2016
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Impact Wrestling Results : 11/24/16
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Maria, Laurel Van Ness and Allie Backstage :

Backstage, we find Allie playing with her paper pilgrims and Native Americans centerpiece while running down her vegan friendly Thanksgiving menu; which includes Tofurky, sweet potatoes, carrots and corns. Maria Kanellis and Laurel Van Ness walk in on Allie’s fun, mocking the beloved Knockout on her Thanksgiving spirit and crush on Braxton Sutter. Laurel tells Allie that Braxton isn’t interested in “little girls” like Allie while Maria informs Allie that she will act as a server at tonight’s double date Thanksgiving dinner – in a pilgrim suit.

Maria and Mike Bennett, Laurel Van Ness, Allie and Braxton Sutter In-Ring Segment :

At the in-ring dinner table, Maria, Mike Bennett, and Laurel are all smiles. Allie is introduced by Maria as a “real pilgrim” and she comes down the ring to a gobbling Turkey theme song. Despite the awful theme song and outfit, the Impact Zone continues to show their love to Allie with chants of her name.
Allie confesses to feeling a bit warm in her suit-up but feels even more uncomfortable when Laurel brings out Braxton to join them as part of this double date. With all the dinner guests now at the table, the traditional going-around-saying-what-you’re-thankful-for commences.
Maria is up first and says she is thankful for her husband, Laurel and for being the First Lady of Professional Wrestling. Mike Bennett goes next and says he is thankful for food, Tom Brady and his wife Maria; all in that order! Laurel is third and says she is thankful for Maria, her handsome date Braxton and her father’s Black Amex card.

Allie takes a moment to interject to give her thanks for the fans of the Impact Zone. While Allie may have had more to say, she gets caught off by Maria, who says no one cares to hear what she is thankful for. Instead, Maria orders Allie to serve the food but Allie snaps after hearing a flirtatious conversation between Laurel and Braxton.
She calls Laurel a “big meanie” and yells out her frustration on not being able to eat anything at the table due to absence of anything vegan friendly. Allie has now become my spirit animal at the Thanksgiving table!
Laurel gets in Allie’s face, trying to antagonize her but Maria tries taking control of the situation by calming Laurel down. Allie grabs a nearby pie, trying to hit Laurel in the face with it but accidentally gets Maria instead when Laurel ducks out the way!

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Impact Wrestling Results : 11/17/16
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Sienna, Laurel Van Ness, Allie and Maria Kanellis Bennett Backstage Segment:

Van Ness is laughing with Sienna. Van Ness is looking at a text chain she’s having with Braxton Sutter. Allie wants to know if Van Ness is talking to Mr. Sutter. Van Ness says that she does alot more than just texting with Sutter. Maria says that it seems like some people don’t know their place in this company. Some people think they’re hot stuff and now poor Brandi Rhodes is all alone.

Now that her husband got himself hurt. Maria calls Sienna and Van Ness the two most beautiful and dominant women in the Knockouts Division. Nobody is going to want to team with Brandi Rhodes. Isn’t that right, Allie ? Allie is struggling to make up her mind whether or not she wants to be Rhodes tag team partner. Allie tells Maria that she would never go against her. Maria says that Allie needs her. Sienna says that nobody is dumb enough to go against them. Sienna, Maria and Van Ness continue to bully Allie.

Second Match: Sienna & Laurel Van Ness w/Maria Kanellis Bennett & Allie vs. Brandi Rhodes & Madison Rayne

Maria sends Allie to the back because she gets confused sometimes. Brandi informs Maria that her tag team partner is, Madison Rayne. Madison hugs Allie on the stage. Van Ness and Brandi starts things off. Van Ness talks smack to Brandi. Brandi proceeds to chase Maria around the ring. Brandi grabs Maria by her hair. Brandi ducks a running clothesline by Van Ness. Van Ness’s momentum lead her to attack Madison who’s on the ring apron. Brandi tags in Madison. Madison ducks a clothesline from Van Ness. Madison with a clothesline of her own. Madison with a series of forearm strikes to Van Ness. Madison transitions into a forearm/chop combination. Madison slaps Van Ness. Van Ness tags in Sienna.

Madison ducks a clothesline from Sienna. Madison knocks Van Ness off the ring apron. Madison with a palm strike to the chest of Sienna. Madison backs Sienna into the corner. Madison lands two forearm strikes in the corner. Madison applies a front face lock. Sienna launches Madison to other side of the ring. Van Ness grabs Madison by her hair. Sienna with a running clubbing blow to the back of Madison’s neck. Sienna runs through Madison in the corner. Sienna with two forearm strikes to the chest of Madison. Sienna tags in Van Ness. Van Ness applies a ring rope leg scissors. Van Ness tags in Sienna. Sienna lands a knife edge chop. Van Ness continues to attack Madison behind the referee’s back. Sienna proceeds to choke Madison. Sienna goes for a pin, but Madison kicks out at the count of two. Sienna continues to apply more pressure to the back of Madison.

Van Ness with a series of hair whips. Van Ness goes for the pin, but Madison kicks out at the count of two. Madison with a rolling crucifix for a two count. Van Ness with a clubbing blow to the back of Madison. Van Ness connects with a snap suplex with a nonchalant cover for a two count. Van Ness goes for a Curb Stomp, but both women are knock down by a double clothesline.

Sienna and Brandi are finally tagged in. Brandi with two running clotheslines. Sienna kicks Brandi in the gut. Sienna with a series of forearms to Brandi. Brandi dropkicks Sienna into the corner. Brandi with a rolling back elbow to Sienna. Brandi follows that up with a knee strike for a two count as Van Ness breaks it up. Madison with a leg lariat to the head of Van Ness. Madison rolls Van Ness to the outside. Sienna goes for the AK-47, but Brandi counters with the Reverse STO to pickup the victory.

Winner: Brandi Rhodes & Madison Rayne

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Impact Wrestling Results : 11/10/16
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Eddie Edwards, EC3, Eli Drake, Mike Bennett ‘The Miracle’ and Maria In-Ring Segment :

Eddie Edwards opens the show in the ring. Edwards talks about all of his fans and his doubters. Talks about how he beat a nearly invincible Bobby Lashley twice. Edwards says that he is not hiding and will defend the title against anyone… Out comes Eli Drake to confront Edwards in the ring. Drake says that he gave Edwards 7 whole days to be ready for tonight. Drake says that Bobby Lashley is backstage thanking his lucky stars because he doesn’t have to face Eli. Drake says that he is the Bound for Gold winner and he will become World Champ tonight and that’s just a “Fact of Life”.


Out comes EC3 and he joins the conversation. He starts running down his own list of facts…. Carter tells Drake that he commends him for cashing in his Bound for Glory tonight. EC3 says he is going to activate his “Zero Dark EC 30” to get back The World Title. Tells Drake that he is not ready to be a world champion. Says that he is betting on Eddie Edwards tonight. Carter says that he is betting the entire house on Edwards. Drake calls EC3 a dummy for betting against him. Headed to the ring now is Mike Bennett. He is accompanied by his own miracle in Maria Kanellis. Bennett addresses all 3 men in the ring. He calls out Carter for “betting the house”. Says that the last time, EC3 did that. Bennett defeated him and ended Carter’s undefeated streak. Bennett calls himself a roadblock in Carter’s path to become World Champion. Calls Drake a dummy and states that he is going to save TNA…. Drake is back on the mic. Takes issue with The Miracle stealing his catchphrase. Calls everyone a dummy in the ring. While Eli is trash talking Carter, Bennett blindsides EC3 and all 4 men start brawling. Drake and Bennett gain the advantage on Edwards and Carter until Moose comes out to make the save. The show goes to it’s first break.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis Bennett vs. Moose

This is a rematch from Bound For Glory. Moose controls the early portion of this match. He hits Miracle with a standing dropkick. Moose goes for the pinfall cover. Maria pulls her husband out of the ring. Referee Earl Hebner catches her in the act and banishes Maria from ringside. When the battle continues in the ring, Bennett takes advantage of this distraction with Maria, and takes down The Moose with a chop block. Bennett targets Moose’s left knee and works him over for a few minutes. The fans chant “Moose”. Trying to get him to rally against Bennett. Moose battles back and hits a headbutt. He struggles to move around on his leg but manages to hit a sit out power bomb, and then follows that up with a senton. Moose sets up Bennett for the “Game Changer” but Bennett counters and takes out Moose’s injured knee. The Miracle then delivers a piledriver to Moose. This nets him a near fall. Both men are now going toe to toe in the ring. Trading several blows. Moose eventually wins the exchange with some stiff kicks but Miracle recovers quickly and hits a cutter on Moose. Covers him for another close fall. The action ends up on the outside, as Earl Hebner begins the count. Moose goes for a spear on Bennett but he moves out of the way. Moose crashes into the ring steps. Bennett slides into the ring and beats the 10 count to win this match.

Mike Bennett defeats Moose by countout to advance to a #1 contenders match for The TNA World Championship

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Impact Wrestling Results : 11/3/16
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Maria Kanellis (w/Sienna) and Brandi Rhodes In Ring Segment:

Brandi says she just wants to thank everyone for checking in on her husband Cody after the attack last week. She appreciates everything he has done for her and all the support he has given her when she decided to make her way to Impact Wrestling. Brandi goes on to say that she has a message for Bobby Lashley: you may have knocked Cody down, but he won’t stay down. Before Brandi can go on, Maria and Sienna hit the ring. Maria tells Brandi that she has a choice to make. Is she going to go home and take care of her husband? Or is she going to stay here and swim with the sharks?

Brandi asks if Maria is trying to threaten her. Maria says she isn’t, but she will teach Brandi a lesson, much like she did Allie. Maria offers Brandi a spot with her group. Brandi says her name carries respect and even though she doesn’t have Maria’s she sure as hell doesn’t need it. Maria asks Brandi if she is sure. Sienna gets in Brandi’s face. Brandi punches Sienna in the face. Sienna drops like a sack of potatoes. Brandi gets in Maria’s face, but Sienna attacks her from behind and lays her out with the AK47.

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Impact Wrestling Results : 10/27/16
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Maria and Brandi Backstage:

Highlights are then shown of the ending of last week’s Edwards-Cody match. Where Maria attacked Brandi Rhodes….. We then see Maria in her dressing room. She is applying makeup and bragging about what she did to Brandi last week. Brandi Rhodes runs into the dressing room when she overhears Maria talking trash about her. She chases after Maria who begs off and runs away…. Tonight’s mixed tag match is hyped with Cody and Brandi taking on Mike and Maria Bennett.

Maria and Mike Bennett ‘The Miracle’ Backstage:

Maria and Mike The Miracle Bennett cut a promo backstage. Bennett brags about all of his achievements in TNA. How he has beaten EC3 and Eddie Edwards in the past. Says that he will beat Cody. Bennett says that he has one thing that Cody doesn’t have… Maria… Maria tells Brandi that she is not one tenth of her. Says that she and her husband will be victorious tonight against Brandi and Cody.

Maria & Mike Bennett vs. Brandi & Cody Rhodes:

Before the match can begin. Brandi tries to go after Maria. She hides behind her husband Mike initially. She then pretends that she is ready to face off one on one against Brandi, but after doing some jumping jacks. She tags in Mike Bennett. Cody is forced to tag in now. While Cody and Mike go at it. Maria slaps Cody. Brandi shows impatience and tries to get in the ring after Maria. Cody gets distracted by his wife and when he turns around, gets hit with a cutter by Bennett.

The show returns from break and The Miracle is in control over Cody. He kisses his wife Maria and then suplexes Cody. He then throws Cody to the outside and Maria kicks Cody. Brandi tries to get involved and the ref stops her. The action continues on the outside, as Bennett rams Cody into the barricade. Cody tries to fight back but throws a punch into the ringpost, missing Bennett. Back inside the ring, Bennett starts showboating and throwing jabs at Cody. Mike springs off the ropes and accidentally knocks his wife off of the apron. Cody sees the distraction and attempts to tag in Brandi. Mike cuts him off. While Brandi is distracted by her husband. Maria sneaks around the ring and pulls Brandi’s legs off of the ring corner. Brandi hits her head on the apron as she falls.

Bennett and Maria actually team up together in the ring against Cody. Mike holds Cody and Maria tries to kick Cody with a low blow. Cody moves out of the way and Maria kicks her husband downstairs instead. Mike falls into the corner… Cody tags in an anxious Brandi. She takes down Maria and mounts her. They roll around in the ring. Maria tries to run away but runs into Cody. Brandi clotheslines Maria. Maria then gets up and kicks Brandi in the gut. She tries to charge at Brandi but she gets out of the way. Maria lands headfirst into her husband in the corner. Who was still nursing his low blow injury from Maria’s mistake moments ago. Bennett is writhing in pain. Brandi grabs Maria and hits a front face plant DDT. Meanwhile Cody locks Bennett into The American Nightmare submission. At the same time, Brandi tries awkwardly to apply the same hold to Maria. The Bennetts end up positioned in the ring, looking one another in the eyes as they tap out to the stereo submission holds.

Winner: Cody & Brandi Rhodes

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Impact Wrestling Results : 10/20/16
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In Ring Segment: Maria, Laurel Van Ness, and Allie

Maria blames Allie for everything that has happened to her. Maria says she should just get rid of Allie. Van Ness says no, she shouldn’t get rid of Allie. If Maria did, who would get their bags and stuff like that? Maria says Allie needs to apologize because she is the one to blame. Allie grabs the mic and says Maria is the one to blame. Van Ness attacks Allie from behind. Maria tells Allie that next week she is going to have a match with Laurel Van Ness.

Mahablai Shera vs. Mike Bennett (w/ Maria)

Bennett slaps Shera in the face. Shera chases Bennett. Bennett hits Shera in the face and punches him in the corner. Bennett locks in a rear chin lock. Shera powers out and lands multiple body slams. Shera splashes Bennett in the corner. Shera puts Bennett in in a bearhug. Bennett rakes Shera’s eyes and hits the Miracle in Progress for the win.

Winner: Mike Bennett

TNA World Championship Match: Eddie Edwards (c) vs Cody – After the match
After the match, Cody raised Edwards’ hand. Maria runs down the ramp and pulls Brandi off the apron. Maria tosses Brandi into the steel steps and runs away.

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