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Maria: “Only I can save you!”
Maria welcomes the crowd to her place of worship. She says normally she’s out to introduce “The Miracle,” but that tonight is about her passion for women’s wrestling. Maria says women’s wrestling doesn’t need a miracle, that it needs a leader – an arrow – to point it in the right direction.
Maria says the Knockouts division is broken and she’s the only one capable of changing it. Gail Kim interrupts, saying that while she respects Maria’s accomplishments in the business so far, she doesn’t agree with her message.
Maria says Gail’s a great wrestler – but that’s all she is – a wrestler. Maria claims to be a businesswoman capable of making Gail Kim mainstream. Gail says she doesn’t need Maria’s help or approval and that the Knockouts division is about excellence. Gail suggests Maria get in the ring if she wants to make a contribution.
Maria says Gail’s the leader and the problem and that “A fish rots from its head – and you stink, champ!”
Gail invites Maria to “fix” the problem. She grabs Maria by the wrist and backs her into the corner, telling her that her opportunity is now. Maria rolls under the ropes and walks away saying, “Believe…Only I can save you!”


 “Do you believe in The Miracle?”

Maria says she believes in “The Miracle” and that Drew Galloway’s miracle is now. Mike Bennett smashes Galloway’s “Feast or Fired” briefcase across his face!

Result: Drew Galloway def. Tyrus (via DQ)
Post-Match: Bennett screams, “Do you believe now?” He says Galloway’s answer is not in the briefcase and that Galloway as World Champion is not the miracle TNA needs. Bennett says he’s the true miracle.


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Feast or Fired Reveal
Jeremy Borash welcomes the Feast or Fired victors to the table, but “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria interrupt.
Bennett and Maria say one of them will need a miracle, but that when you are “The Miracle,” you don’t have to take chances on a briefcase. Bennett says he’ll sit back watch the trainwreck unfold. Galloway stands up, curious to know who “The Miracle” thinks he is.
Galloway says Bennett clearly isn’t the brains of the operation. Maria calls him rude, adding she and “The Miracle” are doing everyone – especially TNA – a favor, by simply being present on Impact Wrestling. Bennett says Galloway will need a miracle to survive. They leave. 


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Mike Bennett and Maria Kannelis are backstage, and they’re…TALKING!
Afterthe commercial, Lashley is backstage and says he’s waited for this opportunity for a year, and Kurt gave it to him. Suddenly, a really, really hot girl comes in, gets all over Lashley, and tells him to take a good look because his pain is her pleasure.
Maria Kannelis comes out and welcomes us to her place of worship, and she wants to know if the fans believe in the Miracle.
“The Miracle” Mike Bennett vs Pepper Parks
Bennet outwrestles Parks and slaps him, but that fires Parks up, and Parks goes nuts unloading with right hands and kicks. He charges at Bennett, and runs right into a superkick. Bennett is on Parks like a shot, hammering him with right hands and then hitting a corner clothesline. Bennett hits a vertical suplex for 2, then comes off the second rope, Parks tries to get the boot up and Bennett stops short before landing on it, but Parks kicks him anyway. Parks mounts a bit of a comeback, but Bennett snaps off a spinebuster, hits a short right hand, and finishes it with a Cradle Shock.
Winner: Mike Bennett
Bennett gets a mic and says we just witnessed a real life Miracle, and Parks definitely needed a miracle because what he is doing is building a Kingdom of Miracles where everybody screams out “YES WE DO!”



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There is a miracle happening before our very eyes in TNA and on Impact Wrestling. Not just a miracle, but “The Miracle” Mike Bennett.
The new signing made his debut alongside his wife and fashion consultant Maria Kanellis during TNA’s debut on Pop TV. This came after the two fulfilled their contractual obligations with Ring of Honor after a successful run in The Kingdom. Bennett, 30, recalled staying up at night thinking about their professional futures in December, and says they felt wanted by TNA. 

“It was one of those things where it just felt right,” he said. “I know when Maria and I decided to leave Ring of Honor we were doing great and on top. It just felt better to leave on top than to slowly die like everything else. It’s human nature. It’s how things work. We felt it was time for a change. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do because I was leaving two of my friends, Adam Cole and Matt Taven. That sucked, and I hated it. But leaving felt like the right thing to do. At that time TNA was calling and saying they had these great ideas. Everything just felt right.”

The Miracle” name also coincidentally fit perfectly: It was a moniker he used at age 16.
“I was talking to [creative team member] Dave Lagana, and he asked what I thought about the name ‘The Miracle,’” Bennett said. “He didn’t know the history and randomly thought of it. Sometimes fate has a way of sticking its head out. You just have to grab it. Then once he showed me the ideas for the vignettes, the wheels in my head started to spin about what I could bring to the character ‘The Miracle.’ It was going to be a different Mike Bennett than in Ring of Honor.”
Bennett’s vision for his fresh persona fell in line with the big movement and talk of free agents. He sees himself as a savior of sorts who can create momentum after making the proverbial impact. Bennett gathers inspiration from various sources in life and entertainment; the admitted Kid Rock fan appreciates the veteran musician’s confidence and swagger He also gets feedback from his better half.
“I trust Maria more than anybody else,” Bennett said. “I did a lot of study, watching old wrestling promos. I watched a lot of ‘Jake the Snake’ Roberts promos and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin promos. One promo that stood out was Chris Jericho, when he came to WWE. It was what we were going for, but with a different spin on it. I wanted to take that energy and make it my own. I think in wrestling we all take from the past and make it our own and continue on with it. ‘The Miracle’ vignettes were similar in a sense to the Y2J countdown, which worked out perfect.’”
The preparation paid off — Bennett and Kanellis pulled off one of the best introductions in TNA history.

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