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Mike and Maria Backstage :

The Bennett’s & Dixie Carter In-Ring Segment:

Mike Bennett says that most people in this pathetic world will never understand the true meaning of love. However he’s found the woman that complete’s hear. Bennett says that Dixie Carter committed insult last week. Maria said that she hasn’t been able to sleep for the past week. She didn’t deserve the slap from Dixie when she didn’t provoke her. Maria wants Dixie to come out and explain her actions. Dixie comes down to the ring with Billy Corgan. Bennett wants Dixie to look deep into Maria’s eyes. Dixie said that anybody that was in her position would do the same thing with a smile in her face. Maria said that all she did last week was spoke the truth, she demands a apology. Dixie says that she regrets letting Maria get to her and she apologizes. Maria says that Dixie’s apology is not good enough. Maria wants Dixie to step down as president of TNA Wrestling. Dixie asks Maria if she lost her mind? Bennett says that Dixie is sitting on a million dollar lawsuit. He said his father is a lawyer.

Corgan says that The Bennett’s makes some good point. Corgan said that Dixie put them in a difficult position. Dixie asks Corgan if he’s siding with the Bennett’s. Corgan wants Dixie to defuse the situation. Corgan says that Dixie should take a leave of absence for a week and he’s taking the side of the company. Dixie tells Corgan that this changes everything and she storms out of the ring. Maria thanks Billy and now she feels better in her work environment. Bennett wants to focus on himself. Bennett complains to Corgan. Bennett said that he won 99.9 percent of his matches. Bennett wants a title shot? He compares himself to Babe Ruth, Seth Curry, LeBron James and Tom Brady. Corgan informs Bennett that the main event is set for next week. Bennett says that he wants to be in Destination X. He knows that the internet dorks will say that Bennett can’t perform in the X-Division because he can’t make cool gifs. Corgan says that Bennett needs to earn his opportunity at Destination X. Corgan wants Bennett to make headlines, not internet headlines, mainstream trending headlines. Corgan announces that Bennett will take on Eddie Edwards for the X-Division Championship.

Third Match: Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis for the TNA X-Division Championship

Eddie controls the match early on, but Bennett gets a quick shot in to turn the tide, and he tries a springboard something from the apron, but he slips off the top rope and crashes. Eddie looks amused before he goes back to work on Bennett, hitting a top rope Frankensteiner, but Maria distracts the referee while Bennett goes to Eddie’s eyes and hits an Ace Crusher for a two count.

Bennett hits a spinebuster with a nice snap on it for a two count, but Eddie comes back with a series of back elbows, sends Bennett to the floor, and wipes him out with a pair of dives through the ropes. Maria looks quite unhappy as Eddie rolls Bennett back into the ring and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Eddie goes for a sunset flip, but Bennett drops down and grabs the ropes for the cheap win.

Winner: New TNA X-Division Champion Mike Bennett

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Borash welcomes us to TNA Slammiversary with the entire roster and crew on stage, and leads Orlando in a moment of silence for the victims of this morning’s mass shooting.

-Gail Kim comes out for her match with Maria, who has a broken hand and cannot compete tonight. Billy Corgan brings out x-rays to prove that Maria’s injury is legitimate. Gail demands a match, so Corgan adds her to the Knockouts Championship match, which is apparently happening next.

Knockouts Championship Match
Jade (c) vs. Sienna vs. Gail Kim

Jade is rocking some new gear tonight with long tights rather than the short tights she has been wearing her entire time in TNA. Gail and Jade double team Sienna with some nasty forearms and elbows as the match starts. Gail and Jade hit a Double Bomb followed by a Sliding Dropkick from Gail and then Gail assists Jade into a Standing Moonsault on Sienna! Gail whips Jade into a Yakuza Kick followed by a Flying Body Splash from Gail! Gail goes for a Slingshot Sunset Flip but Sienna holds onto the ropes only for Jade to catch her with a Crucifix Bomb for a nearfall. Gail rolls Jade up but only gets a nearfall and then she goes for a rollup but Jade counters into a Wheelbarrow Suplex just as Sienna nails her with a Big Boot at the same time! Sienna gets a nearfall on Jade and then she works on Jade in the corner before Gail comes over and lights Sienna up with some leg kicks. Gail attempts a Knee Breaker but her own knee gives out allowing Sienna to take over. Sienna hangs Gail up in the corner, hanging up her bad knee in a tree of woe. Sienna and Jade then exchange forearms before Sienna rakes her eyes. Sienna puts Jade in a chinlock as Gail gets free and starts throwing forearms at Sienna. Sienna shoves Gail into the ropes and then lifts Gail up to the top rope. Sienna uppercuts Gail but Jade hits her from behind only to eat a back elbow from Sienna. Sienna lifts Jade up on her shoulders and then also puts Gail on her shoulders and hits a Double Samoan Drop!

Both Jade and Gail roll to the floor but they are not safe there. Sienna attempts to slam Jade into the steps but Gail kicks her in the head and then Jade hits a Spinning Headscissors sending Sienna into the steps! Gail and Jade then go for Roundhouse Kicks at the same time and take each other out. Matthews says there are no countouts just as the referee is doing a ten count. All three girls roll back in the ring and start trading forearms and chops. Sienna backdrops Gail over the top rope to the floor and she may have hit her head on the apron. Jade hits a series of strikes and then a beautiful Springboard Flying Tornado DDT! 1…2…NO Gail breaks it up! Jade tosses Gail through the ropes but Gail lands on the apron. Jade climbs up top but Gail crotches her and then hits a Springboard Frankensteiner on Jade! Sienna Spears Gail but then eats a Flying Hurricanrana from the top from Jade! Jade goes for the Package Piledriver on Sienna but Sienna counters with a backdrop. Sienna hits the AK47 only to walk right into Eat Defeat from Gail! 1…2..NO Allie pulls Gail off of Sienna. Gail lays Allie out with a Forearm Smash and then she goes after Maria but Maria hits her with her cast. Allie grabs the Knockouts Title and tosses it to Sienna. Sienna swings it at Jade but she ducks and Marti Belle appears in the ring with a golf club or something. Sienna looks confused and then Marti hits Jade with the golf club allowing Sienna to get the pin!

Winner and NEW CHAMPION: Sienna.

Mike Bennett vs. Ethan Carter III

Lots of “no we don’t” and “EC3” chants early on. Ethan is in control from the start until Bennett runs him into the turnbuckle and beats him down on the outside. From there the match is one-sided, slowing down the pace as Bennett drops EC3 with big power moves every time he builds a little momentum, including a DDT off the barricade, and a spinebuster. The Miracle with a cutter, but Carter no-sells it and hits a clotheslines to finally get back into the match. Flapjack into the One-Percenter, but Bennett kicks out at two. The brawl to the apron and EC3 hits the TK3 on the apron but might have hurt himself more with it in the process. Bennett catches him out of the air with a cutter (out of nowhere!) for two. Carter tries for a submission but Mike grabs a hold of the referee and low blows EC3, followed by a big piledriver…again, for two. Carter hits a trio of German suplexes and another One-Percenter, but the ref is distracted by a chair that Maria threw into the ring. He goes after Maria and the ref bails to eject her from ringside, but Bennett takes advantage with the Miracle in Progress onto a chair…for another two-count. EC3 with a second TK3 and a third One-Percenter for the pin.

Winner: Ethan Carter III.

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Maria Kanellis & Mike Bennett Backstage Promo:

Maria calls herself the first lady of professional wrestling and at Slammiversary she’s going to end Gail Kim’s career by kicking her ass. She goes on saying that she’s going to rule over the Knockout’s Division. Bennett says that his wife has been dominating the Knockout’s Division since she’s arrived in TNA. Bennett calls himself the best wrestler in the world and the man who ended EC3’s undefeated streak. Bennett says that he’s going to get revenge for what EC3 made him do last week. EC3’s road to redemption will end in a Blaze of Glory at Slammiversary.

Third Match: Mike Bennett & Allie w/Maria Kanellis vs. Ethan Carter III & Gail Kim:

Maria announces that she will not wrestle tonight, but her assistant Allie will handle her dirty work. Bennett and EC3 has a stare off. Bennett tags in Allie. EC3 tags in Gail. Allie screams at EC3. EC3 tells Allie to shut up. Gail with a forearm/chop combination. Gail with a flying clothesline. Gail lands a series of forearms. Maria trips Gail from the outside. Allie drives Gail head down to the mat for a one count. Allie drives her knee to the back of Gail’s neck. Allie and Gail knocks each other down with a double head drag. Bennett and EC3 are tagged in.

EC3 with a jawbreaker to Bennett. EC3 connects with the EC3 Splash and follows that up with a flapjack. EC3 launches Bennett to the outside. Allie slaps/punches EC3. EC3 tags in Gail. Allie storms out of the ring. Gail with a flying crossbody to Allie on the outside. Bennett brings a chair into the ring and he got caught. Bennett storms to the back. EC3 goes out of the ring and starts chasing Bennett. Gail with a inside cradle to pickup the victory. After the match Sienna drops Gail with a lethal lariat. Sienna drives Gail’s knee down to the mat. Sienna puts a steel chair on top of Gail’s knee. Maria with a chair shot to the knee of Gail

Winner: Ethan Carter III & Gail Kim

EC3 and Mike Bennett: Official Weigh-In For Slammiversary:

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Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis and Ethan Carter III In-Ring Promo:

Bennett goes over Dixie’s concerns and has realized that neither he or his wife are in charge on tonight’s show. Bennett has reached out to Dixie on a bevy of social media platforms and Dixie never responded. Maria says that she’s the leader of the Knockout’s Division, so she and her husband are the only qualified people to run the show tonight. Bennett wants to know who’s in charge. EC3 comes out to interrupt The Bennett’s. EC3 tells Bennett that he some bad news for him. EC3 announces that he’ll face Bennett at TNA Slammiversary. He wants Bennett to be at his A-Game tonight because he’s choosing his opponent tonight. EC3’s is in charged tonight. Bennett says that he’s a ratings grabber whenever he’s on TNA Television, so he could understand if EC3 wants him to take the night off.

EC3 jokes around by saying that Bennett could be cleaning the toilets tonight. Maria snaps at EC3. EC3 says that no talent especially, toots, can put their hands on him. EC3 informs Maria tonight she’ll be taking on Gail Kim and if Maria’s loses, she’s fired. EC3 want’s the Bennett’s out of his ring. Bennett tells EC3 he’s not going anywhere. EC3 says that if Bennett wants Slammiversary to come early he better get out of his ring. Bennett finally retrieves and head’s towards the back.

Ethan Carter III, Maria Kanellis, Sienna and Gail Kim In-Ring Segment:

Allie says that the first lady of professional wrestling and she does nothing without her and Sienna. EC3 tells Allie and Sienna to hit the bricks because he’s the boss. Maria says that she’s doing a wonderful job in being charged of the Knockouts Division. EC3 disagrees, but his opinion doesn’t matter. EC3 introduces Gail Kim. Maria says that if every wrestling promoter wanted to do what they want, there would be anarchy and nobody will be making money. EC3 says that Maria’s actions last week were ground for dismissal. EC3 asks Gail what she wants?

Gail says that ever since Maria has came to TNA, she’s wanted to challenge her to a match. Gail challenges Maria to a match at Slammiversary. Maria tells Gail that she’s her boss, but EC3 cuts her off again. EC3 announces Maria Kanellis vs. Gail Kim for Slammiversary. Maria says that she’s trying to build a future for the Knockouts Division. At Slammiversary it’s going to be the worst night of Gail Kim’s life when Maria submit’s herself as the newest TNA Hall of Famer by kicking Gail’s ass. EC3 is going to keep the cat fighting for Slammiversary. EC3 also announces that right now Gail Kim and her partner Jade will take on Maria’s personal assistants Sienna and Allie.

Fourth Match: Gail Kim & Jade vs. Sienna and Allie w/Maria Kanellis

EC3 tells Maria to have a sit at ringside. Allie and Gail starts off the match. Allie tries to run away by Gail grabs onto her hair. Gail drives Allie head to the top turnbuckle pads inside the six sided ring. Gail ducks a right hand from Allie. Allie rolls out of the way and tags in Sienna. Sienna with a ground and pound attack. Gail with a series of forearms to Sienna. Gail connects with a stinger splash in the corner. Gail tags in Jade. Jade with a german suplex for a two count. Jade launches Gail onto Sienna. Jade sends Allie to the outside. Sienna launches Gail to the corner. Sienna drives her shoulders to the midsection of Gail.

Snap mare and Sienna connects with a standing vertical suplex for a two count. Sienna slaps Gail in the face. Sienna spits at Jade. Jade is held back by Earl Hebner. Sienna tags in Allie. Allie chokes Gail. Sienna and Allie launches Gail in the air and she falls back first onto the mat. Allie goes for a pin, but Gail kicks out at the count of two. Gail tags in Jade. Jade with a missile dropkick to Sienna for a two count. Jade sends Sienna to the corner with a basement dropkick. Allie tags herself in. Jade lands a series of forearms. Sienna goes for the Yokosuka Kick, but Gail counters with the Eat Defeat. Jade drops Allie with the Package Piledriver to pickup the victory.

Winner: Gail Kim & Jade

Fifth Match: James Storm vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis

Storm is punching Bennett on the outside.Bennett responds with a clothesline. Mike finally removes his jacket. Bennett with a lariat in the corner. Storm got a two count off of the Eye of the Storm. He followed up with a Codebreaker. Maria climbed onto the apron with a beer bottle. Storm took it from her. She slapped him.

Bennett rolled up Storm for the win. After the match EC3 appears on the stage and says that the games are over. Bennett calls himself God, and he is his devil. EC3 said he is coming to your church, God and said he will punch him in the mouth, and burn that bitch down. But I leave you with this, EC3 said. A kick to the face. Bennett turned and he’s dropped by the Last Call Superkick.

Winner: Mike Bennett

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Maria Kanellis & Gail Kim In-Ring Promo :

Maria’s personal protege Allie is trying to get everybody’s attention. Allie introduces the first lady of professional wrestling. Maria says that she’s the leader of the Knockouts Division. She has a important job and that’s for her to get her vision out there to everybody. Sometimes she checks out social media and she realizes that everybody loves Velvet Sky. Maria fired her and she’s gone. Maria says that Velvet is part of the Knockouts Past and she’s trying to instill a brighter future. Gail Kim comes down to the ring to interrupt Maria. Gail says that she’s starting to sound like a broken record, but she’s fed up.

Gail is not happy with the way Maria has elevated to the top of the Knockouts Division. Gail is upset about Velvet Sky leaving because these fans loved her. Maria reminds Gail what her position is. Maria also reminds Gail that she put her wrestling boots on she defeated Gail. Gail says that she doesn’t follow Maria’s rules and she could kick her ass. Maria says that she could fire Gail Kim just like she fired Velvet Sky because nobody is allowed to touch her. Maria tells Gail that she’ll be put in the same position Velvet was last week and if Gail loses her next match, she’ll be fired. Gail wants to fight Maria, but Maria says that she’s a lady. Sienna attacks Gail Kim from behind and tosses her to the outside.

Maria, Sienna and Allie Backstage :

Fourth Match: Gail Kim vs. Sienna. If Gail Kim loses this match, she’ll be fired from TNA Impact Wrestling

Gail lands a couple of forearms as the bell rings. Gail clotheslines Sienna for a one count. Gail whips Sienna to the corner. Gail with a flying crossbody for a two count. Gail chops Sienna in the chest. Sienna with a running knee to the midsection of Gail. Gail with a hurricanrana that sends Sienna crashing to the outside. Gail kicks Sienna in the leg. Gail goes after Maria. Sienna attacks Gail from behind. Sienna sends Gail jaw first to the steel barricade. Sienna rolls Gail back into the ring. Sienna lands a big forearm.

Sienna chokes Gail in the corner with her boot. Sienna with a Samoan Drop for a two count. Sienna with a shoulder tackle to Gail. Gail responds with a reverse DDT. Maria knocks Gail off the ring apron behind the referee’s back. Maria rolls Gail back into the ring. Sienna goes for the Yokosuka Cutter, but Gail counters with the sunset flip to pickup the victory. After the match Maria viciously attacks Gail with a ground and pound attack and driving Gail’s head repeatedly on the mat. Maria slaps Gail in the face.

Winner: Gail Kim

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