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The 2015 New England Fan Fest
June 27, 2015
8AM – 4PM
hode Island Convention Center
Providence, Rhode Island
Get your tickets NOW: Go to

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Maria has posted her wonderland wedding, she looked so beautiful, well she should be the bride of the year 2014, & she said on her Facebook:

Thank you to everyone that was a part of our beautiful day!! We will be putting all the photos in this album from our amazing day. We felt so much love and happiness on that special day. Love you!! M&M

Make sure to check the photos Blow in our Gallery!

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Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis and her husband Mike Bennett are currently working with Ring of Honor without contracts as their deals are up.

The Wrestling Observer reports that both sides have been negotiating for a few months. They will continue working with ROH and both are scheduled to work tours of Japan this year.

There’s a feeling that Kanellis and Bennett will begin talking with TNA and Lucha Underground soon.


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We may have turned the page on a new year, but it was made crystal clear in Nashville that the rivalry between The Kingdom and The Briscoes is FAR from forgotten. With Bennett and Maria still flaunting their bogus “Title of Love” and Matt Taven to back them up, The Kingdom continue to antagonize Dem Boys at every single opportunity. Finally, Mark Briscoe declared that he “can’t stand no more” and challenged Bennett and Taven to a tag match.

But in the aftermath of that encounter, the Title of Love made another appearance – as a weapon. Seemingly outnumbered, The Briscoes were forced to listen while Maria gloated about The Kingdom’s superiority – and taunted them because, as she pointed out, they would never lay a hand on a woman.

Well…Maria Kanellis might be off limits to Dem Boys, but she forgot that the Briscoe “family” tree branches out a whole lot further than Sandy Fork! To the complete shock of everyone in the building, ODB hit the ring to run off The Kingdom! That’s right – ODB is here in ROH!

Her unconventional style and attitude brought ODB years of professional wrestling success. But now she’s come to Ring of Honor with her sights set on The Kingdom! With ODB backing them up, The Briscoes finally have what they need to take down Bennett, Taven, and Maria. And ROH isn’t wasting moment giving them a chance to do it!

Philadelphia, are you ready for a huge Six PERSON Tag Team Match? That’s right – ODB is officially teaming up with The Briscoes and she has her eyes set on Maria Kanellis! And ODB has one more thing she wanted made clear before January 24th. Make no mistake about it: in Ring of Honor, ODB stands for One Dirty…BRISCOE!

There’s so much more left to confirm for our Philadelphia return. As always we will have all the updates right here on ROHwrestling.com. Don’t wait to get your tickets for January 24th in Philadelphia! To be there live and in person, click HERE.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling Presents:
Saturday, January 24th, 2015
2300 Arena (formerly known as The ECW Arena)
2300 S. Swanson St.
Philadelphia, PA 19148


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Happy new year everyone, we have started the new year with a surprise or let’s say new changes Maria has dyed her hair, but guess what is yhe color?….IT’S PURPLE, WOW! Right! Make sure to check it out! And tell her your compliments about it on out Twitter @MariaKOnlineNet

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