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First Match: Jade vs. Gail Kim vs Maria Kanellis vs. Rebel vs. Marti Bell vs. Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky in a Ladder’s Match for Control of the TNA Knockout’s Division

The bell rings and Maria rolls out of the ring. Gail with a series of right hands to Rebel in the corner. Gail tosses Jade to the outside. Dollhouse with a double leg sweep to Velvet. Rebel and Marti grabs a ladder. Beautiful People plants Dollhouse with a baseball slide dropkick. Maria sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. Maria runs away from Gail. Jade drops Gail with a big boot. Jade grabs the ladder. Gail with a boot that knocks Jade’s hands off the ladder. Gail climbs the ladder, but Maria slaps Gail. Gail chases Maria to the top of the ramp.

Rosemary comes out with a kendo stick and attacks Gail from behind. The Decay carries Gail to the back. Madison chops Rebel in the corner. Beautiful People tosses Rebel onto Marti Bell. Beautiful People place the ladder in the corner. The Beautiful People irish whips Jade onto the ladder in the corner on top of both Rebel and Marti. Maria drops Velvet and she runs out of the ring. Jade climbs the ladder. Marti knocks Jade off the ladder with a powerbomb. Jade rolls out of the ring. Velvet climbs up the ladder. Maria attacks Velvet in the back with the kendo stick to knock Velvet off the ladder. Maria climbs up the ladder and retrieves the contract to pickup the victory.

Winner: Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis Backstage Promo:

Maria says that this contract holds the key to the Knockouts Division. She has all of the power. Maria says that next week things will change. We see The Decay walking around the Universal Studio sound stage with Gail Kim thrust upon Abyss’s shoulder.

Mike Bennett & Ethan Carter III In-Ring Segment:

The Miracle wants the spotlight on him because he’s going to tell us a fairy tale. Once upon a time, there was a prince that had full control of the TNA Kingdom and his name was Ethan Carter III. Prince Ethan had it all, all the money, friends and power in the world. Then one night a white knight came to TNA and his name is the Miracle. Prince EC3 went upon a downward spiral and not he only he lose all his friends and his gold, he’s lost his own pride. Bennett says that EC3 blames him for his downfall. Prince Ethan got so angry and he challenged the white knight to a fight. The outcome was never in question, the white knight defeated Prince Ethan. When he kicked EC3’s ass he stole all of EC3’s powers and TNA is now The Miracle’s Kingdom.

Ethan, all of these people are now part of the Miracle Kingdom and they shout “Yes We Do” EC3 comes out to interrupt Bennett. Mike Bennett defeated EC3 by disqualification. EC3 says that the video shows that he kicked Mike Bennett’s ass. EC3 says that they have alot of similarities and differences. EC3 pokes fun at Bennett’s taste in women, fashion and his work ethic. Bennett tells EC3 to calm down. Bennett says that EC3 is a pathetic little boy who blames all of his issues on him. Bennett tells EC3 that they will never wrestle again and he’s done with him. EC3 says that he will haunt him until he decides to fight him again. Bennett says that guys like them are destined to do this forever, but the outcome will never change. EC3 says that over 30 months he’s never been defeated. EC3 says that Bennett wants to make a name for himself he will challenge him to a match next week at sacrifice. Bennett accepts EC3’s challenge.

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The TNA Spin Cycle is back with host Jeremy Borash and panelists Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Robbie E., Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards.

Tag Team Chickens? The panel debates wrestling¹s new ³Is that dress white/gold or blue/black²? as JB announces the Wolves on IMPACT in a way that could land him in the wrestling botch hall of fame!

Plus, it is a
Super Selfie Showdown for the ages as the panel competes against the social media savvy Maria Kanellis-Bennett to find out who takes the best candid close-up!

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Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Ethan Carter III and Mike Bennett In-Ring Promo:

[…] Out comes Mike Bennett. Bennett says that everything happens for a reason. Call it faith, karma, but just call it a Miracle. Bennett points out that he’s the last man who pinned Drew Galloway so he’s deserves the opportunity at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Galloway tells everybody to shut up. Galloway says that he’s willing to fight everybody. Out comes Dixie Carter. Dixie announces that Eric Young, Bram, Tyrus, Rockstar Spud, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Ethan Carter III and The Miracle will compete in a Gauntlet Match. The winner will take on Drew Galloway for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Mike Bennett Backstage Interview:

Jeremy Borash announces that the order of this gauntlet match will be determine via the spin of the wheel. Mike Bennett will be the first one here to spin the well. Bennett says that the energy you just saw out there was a miracle. Bennett said that he took a opportunity to make a name for himself when he went after EC3. Bennett gives Galloway props for taking advantage of that opportunity. Tonight he’s going to kill two bird with one stone. Bennett will fulfill his destiny to save TNA Wrestling and becoming the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Maria hands over the entry number to Bennett and it’s unknown as to what number Bennet drew for this Gauntlet match as they walk away.

Maria Kanellis Backstage Promo:

Gail says that Maria is all talk, but no action? Gail forgets the fact that Maria pinned her last week. Maria says that she is what the first lady of professional wrestling is supposed to look like. Gail has been the face of the Knockouts Division for a decade, but her title reigns don’t mean anything. Maria says that the action she’s bringing is going to change the Knockouts Division forever.

Gail Kim, Maria Kanellis and Dollhouse In-Ring Segment:

Maria says that when she acts, things change. She loves wrestling, is the first lady of wrestling, but if she faces and beats Gail again nothing will change. She spoke with management, and asked for something. She brings out the Dollhouse. Maria says she sees so much potential in them, and says they are beautiful and powerful. They have had too many leaders, but it always failed, because they did not have a leader like her. She wants them to be unique individuals, and tells them to break up the Dollhouse and become women. Marti is not impressed by this and calls her out. Maria tells them to respect her, and what she has done. She says she went to management and is giving her title shot to one of them. So they will have to kill the Dollhouse and fight, because the winner receives her title shot and she will lead them to become stars.

Third Match: Marti Bell vs. Jade vs. Rebel in a Triple Threat Match to Determine The Number One Contender to the TNA Knockouts Championship

Maria joins Josh and The Pope on commentary. The Dollhouse begin to argue in the ring. Jade and Bell shoves Rebel away. Jade and Bell drops Rebel with a double clothesline. Bell stomps on Rebel’s chest in the corner. Jade with a running knee to Rebel in the corner. Bell and Jade go for the pin and things breakdown between them. Rebel with forearms to Jade and Bell. Jade and Bell exchange separate pins to Rebel. Jade and Bell get Rebel in a double team Boston Crab.

Rebel with a double clothesline to Jade and Bell. Rebel with flying crossbody for a two count. Rebel drops Bell with a back breaker. Rebel connects with a roundhouse kick to Jade. Bell with a side russian leg sweep fro a two count. Bell sends Jade to the corner. Jade with a running boot to Rebel in the corner. Jade with a snap mare and kicks Rebel in the back. Jade with a running boot for a two count. Jade with a chin lock. Jade with the Gut Wrench Suplex for a two count. Rebel with forearms to Jade. Bell connects with the Tower of Doom. Rebel rolls Bell up for a two count. Jade with a dropkick to Rebel. Jade drops Rebel with the STO. Jade connects with another STO on top of Rebel to pickup the victory.

Winner: Jade

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In a first ever mixed tag team match The Miracle Mike Bennett and Maria came face to face with their rivals on Impact, Drew Galloway and Gail Kim, see the challenge now!

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Maria confronts President Dixie Carter, thanking her for bringing Maria and ‘The Miracle’ to IMPACT WRESTLING. She asks Dixie to join her husband ‘The Miracle’ in the ring later for some time together. Maria adds that she has a lot to add to the Knockouts Division and thinks she should be in charge. Dixie says she saw how Maria interacted with Gail Kim last week and she thinks her actions should speak louder than her words.

In the Ring we see Maria & ‘The Miracle’ Mike Bennett in the ring. Bennett asks the people if they want to know what “miracle is happening tonight”. Bennett tells the crowd IMPACT needs him now more than ever, especially since Kurt Angle is on his way out the door. He then says that tonight’s ‘Miracle’ is that he will be the new #1 contender for the IMPACT WRESTLING World Championship. Bennett then invites President Dixie Carter to the ring. Dixie doesn’t answer his call but Drew Galloway does. Galloway tells ‘The Miracle’ he should spend more time fighting and less time acting like a “little b*tch”. Mike Bennett gets irate and tells Galloway to go get Dixie for him, but Galloway unloads on ‘The Miracle’ instead. Galloway hits some ground and pound offense and a big clothesline on ‘The Miracle’ Mike Bennett, and then Bennett gets out of the ring before Galloway can unload The Claymore. Bennett and Maria exit up the ramp very upset that Galloway has stolen their moment in the spotlight.

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