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Kingdom back in the ring. Bennett asked by Cole to sit in chair. Cole says it’s lap dance time. A woman comes out and gets a lukewarm reaction. Contestant number two is a guy and dances behind Bennett. Bennett turns around and is horrified. Contestant three is a great looking woman…Five seconds into the gameout comes Maria in a gold sparkling robe. She strips down and lap dances with the third woman. Bennett asks BJ to take the third woman away, since Maria should dance for him. It’s just Maria and the kingdom…she refuses to dance and leaves. Bennett falls over unconscious. Taven gives him some vodka and he hulks up.

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Adam Cole, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis shocked the world this past Saturday night in Wheeling, West Virginia. They did this by delivering “Matt’s return”, as promised. While all indications were that “The Icon” Matt Hardy was returning to ROH, it in fact turned out to be a completely different Matt.

The Matt who returned was a former Ring of Honor Television Champion. He was a former member of The House of Truth and was last seen in ROH in Brooklyn, New York at Field of Honor. Matt Taven surprised Ring of Honor fans and wrestlers alike and returned as a member of The Kingdom!

ROH officials hadn’t heard from Matt Taven since he announced on social media that he was leaving the company. We were clearly duped. The Kingdom painted a specific picture and went in a completely different direction. Not only were we the victims of their mind games, but the ROH roster was also stunned.

“No matter how smart the fans think they are, they will never understand how truly clueless they are” Said Taven as he was leaving the building this past Saturday. “ROH fans thought they saw the best of me, again you are fools. I am just getting started”

Bennett has revealed that he and Taven have been friends for a very long time, “We’ve known each other since Matt started up in New England”. “As the Kingdom was being formed, we kept a close eye on him. This year he seemed almost lost at times”. “He was trying too hard to keep the fans happy and everyone knows that’s a losing proposition”.”

Cole chimed in and stated “The fans don’t care about me, Mike, Maria or anyone! We watched him, watched as his potential was being wasted and how 2014 was not looking so good. He needed guidance and Mike and I sat down with Maria and we decided he was a natural fit. He just needed to be around the best there is, and that’s when we had Maria reach out.”

“Mike and Adam asked me to contact him Matt after his cage match in Brooklyn with Jay Lethal” added Maria. “Matt needed a home; he needed to be around people who have his best interests in mind. Obviously it wasn’t the fans or even the people he could call friends! Only The Kingdom could provide Matt with the real love and guidance he needs”.

Whatever Maria said, it must have worked. Her charms are obvious and ability to manipulate appear to be second to none. She is a shrewd negotiator and whether it was money, success, guidance or just the camaraderie, Taven accepted and is now part of a group poised to control Ring of Honor.

Adam Cole, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis now comprise a group that has pretty much every tool needed to become the most dominant force in Ring of Honor history. None of these individuals are strangers to titles and every champion is now on notice. Can The Kingdom be stopped?

ROH fans can witness this shocking return on the October 25, 2014 edition of Ring of Honor television.


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The Kingdom, consisting of Former ROH World Champion Adam Cole and “Title of Love” holders Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis have made quite an impact on Ring of Honor in a very short time. Their victims range from Current ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe to Hanson of War Machine and even former ROH World Champion Michael Elgin.

Advancing whatever game plan they have is key! Their history shows a very physical one. But Cole and Bennett are not the only ones willing to get physical, as the lovely Ms Kanellis will gladly get her hands dirty when needed. In Toronto, Canada at All Star Extravaganza 6 the future Mr & Mrs Bennett made an announcement that “Matt” is returning! This appears to be the next step in their game plan, playing mental games with adversaries!!!

Victories are what matter in Ring of Honor! The members of The Kingdom are no strangers to victories, but the game is changing. With the quality of competition rising at a rapid rate, the pressure to stay ahead of the pact is at its peak. Adam Cole has his sights set on regaining the Ring of Honor World Championship, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis are currently accepting challengers for the “Title of Love”, and the road blocks standing in the way are growing daily. It appears a new element to their The Kingdom is mental warfare!!

Early speculation among fans was, Could it be former ROH World Tag Team Champion Matt Sydal? Who returns to Ring of Honor on September 27, 2014, coincidentally the same day the “Matt” is promised to be revealed? While intriguing, we believe this is more setting the stage for the return of “The Icon” Matt Hardy!!! The very “Matt” that both Adam Cole & Michael Bennett look up to! The same Matt who showed Cole, Bennett and Kanellis the wicked ways they currently employ!!

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Maria Kanellis discusses her recent trip to Japan for the G-1 Finals at the Seibu Dome, her upcoming wedding, “Michael Bennett’s Bachelor Party” and what fans can look forward to when she returns to New Japan.


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