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+ Impact Wrestling Results : 7/21/16

Maria Kanellis & Allie Backstage Segment:

Maria Kanellis is backstage with Allie saying she doesn’t want to give a State of the Knockouts address, and Allie tells her she’s the best leader of the Knockouts Division ever. Maria tells her to stop kissing her ass, but Allie says it helps her to meditate, and she shows Maria how it’s done, but Maria just walks out.

Maria Kanellis State of the Address Segment:

The entire knockout’s division are in the ring. Allie introduces Maria. Some people believe that Maria have abused her power. Maria apologizes for causing any harm that may have happen to any member in the Knockout’s Division. Maria wants to know if anybody has any grievances. Allie grabs the mic and talks about how much of a inspiration Maria is. She wants to know how can they become like her? Maria says that all of you have to do is believe in her vision.

Jade wants to know when she’s getting her one on one opportunity because she was screwed over by the bitch Marti Belle. Marti Belle says that Jade is a stupida. Gail Kim knows that she won’t get another opportunity because Maria is scared of her. Maria knows that Gail is going into the TNA Hall of Fame and that’s all fine and dandy, but she’s not going to get another title shot because she’s selfish. Gail is perplexed by the notion that she’s selfish. Jade and Marti Belle get into a massive brawl at ringside. Rayne plants Gail with a rolling cutter. Rayne says that it’s nothing personal, but it’s time for everybody to look out for themselves.

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22 Jul 2016
+ TNA Destination X Result

Fourth Match: Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis vs. DJ Zema Ion

Bennett with a clubbing blow to the back of DJZ. Bennett drops DJZ with a right hand. Bennett stomps on DJZ’s chest. Bennett pokes fun at DJZ. DJZ fires up with a series of forearms. Bennett drops DJZ with a boot to the face. Bennett gets DJZ in the fireman’s carry position, but DJZ gets back on his feet. DJZ with a tumble dropkick to Bennett. DJZ with a springboard back elbow to Bennett. DJZ stomps on Bennett’s chest in the corner. DJZ with a back elbow. Bennett plants DJZ with a Cutter for a two count.

Bennett whips DJZ to the corner. Bennett with a corner clothesline. Bennett and DJZ battle for position on the top rope. DJZ leapfrogs over Bennett. Bennett connects with a spinebuster for a two count. Bennett applies a rear chin lock. DJZ with elbows to the chest of DJZ. DJZ with a somersault plancha onto Bennett on the outside. DJZ connects with the hurricanrana. Bennett heads to the back, but out comes the rest of X-Division standing in Bennett’s way. Bennett rolls back into the ring. DJZ with the bodyscissors to Bennett to pickup the victory. After the match Bennett says that he’s going to burn TNA to the ground, but he’s not going to do it alone.

Winner: DJ Zema Ion

Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett Backstage

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13 Jul 2016
+ Impact Wrestling Results : 7/5/16

Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis and Dixie Carter In-Ring Segment:

Bennett tells the fans in the Impact Zone to stand on their feet and praise the greatest X-Division champion of all-time. He’s not going to wait for Destination X, he wants to cash in Option C tonight. Bennett says that he’s the hero, TNA needs. Bennett says that it’s time for his perfect record to become gold. He wants to cash in Option C. Bennett says that whoever makes these things official need to come out right now. Dixie Carter comes out to interrupt the Bennett’s. Bennett says that it’s nice to see Dixie.


Bennett hasn’t seen her since she attacked his wife a couple weeks ago. Dixie says that Bennett has been disrespecting the X-Division for the last couple of weeks. Dixie says that Option C will be in effect tonight, if only Bennett can win his match tonight. Dixie informs Bennett that Billy Corgan is not in charge tonight. Dixie says that the people want to see Bennett put his title on the line in a Ultimate X tonight against the entire X-Division and that match will start right now. Bennett says that he’s greatest X-Division champion of all-time and you can’t do this to him.

Maria Kanellis, Mike Bennett, Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter In-Ring Segment:

Maria calls out Dixie Carter but instead Billy Corgan comes out to the ring. Maria pleads with Corgan to hear their grievances and that she should be the president of TNA and not Dixie Carter. Maria demands that it is either her or Dixie that will remain with the company. Out comes Dixie, Maria hides behind “The Miracle” because she doesn’t trust Dixie. She then begins to scream you or me repeatedly at Dixie. Carter says she is calling Maria’s bluff and that Maria is a manipulator and that Dixie hired them to make a difference in the company and not be a joke.


Mike Bennett states that he is the reason everyone watches TNA and is demanding that he is put into the main event at Destination X or he and Maria will walk. Back to more Maria “Me or You” ranting. Billy Corgan yells to defuse the situation. He compliments Maria and The Miracle and calls them children. Corgan says that Bennett blew his chance and that is backing Dixie Carter. Corgan says if Bennett and Maria want to leave, He will hold the door open for them. Bennett says he is not going to leave but instead, He is going to ruin the entire Destination X show.

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06 Jul 2016
+ Impact Wrestling Results : 6/28/16

Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis, Ethan Carter III, Billy Corgan and Bobby Lashley In-Ring Promo:

Maria wants to thanks Billy Corgan for being a fair leader unlike Dixie Carter who hit her in the face. Bennett says that he has the golden ticket to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Not only will Bennett become the greatest X-Division wrestler of all time, but at Destination X he will become the TNA champion. Bennett says that Lashley has nothing on him. Lashley tells Bennett that he woke the sleeping giant. Lashley is not going to call Bennett the Miracle. Lashley says that Bennett is not half the man he is. Bennett asks Lashley if he’s trying to scare him. Lashley said that he took out Kurt Angle and Bennett is nothing, but a after thought. Bennett says that Lashley may be a bad dude, but he’s not the miracle. Bennett doesn’t care if Lashley, EC3 or Galloway tear each other apart. EC3 comes down to the ring.

EC3 says that he wants the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. EC3 said that Bennett kissed Billy Corgan ass in order to become X-Division champion. EC3 calls Bennett a piece of shit. Billy Corgan appears on the stage. Corgan says that he’s a business observer. Corgan said that Bennett deserved the X-Division Championship. EC3 says that Bennett brings down the X-Division. Bennett says that he doesn’t need a match until Destination X. Corgan says that Bennett isn’t going to talk his way into the main event of Destination X. Corgan announces that there will be a battle royal to determine the number one contender to the X-Division Championship. Bennett and Lashley double teams EC3 in the corner, but Galloway comes down to the ring and makes the save. Galloway accidentally drops EC3 with the Claymore.

Third Match: Mike Bennett (c) vs. Braxton Sutter for the TNA X-Division Championship

Sutter school boys Bennett for a two count. Bennett plants Sutter with the FIP to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still TNA X-Division Champion Mike Bennett

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis Backstage :

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29 Jun 2016
+ Impact Wrestling Results : 6/21/16

Mike and Maria Backstage :

The Bennett’s & Dixie Carter In-Ring Segment:

Mike Bennett says that most people in this pathetic world will never understand the true meaning of love. However he’s found the woman that complete’s hear. Bennett says that Dixie Carter committed insult last week. Maria said that she hasn’t been able to sleep for the past week. She didn’t deserve the slap from Dixie when she didn’t provoke her. Maria wants Dixie to come out and explain her actions. Dixie comes down to the ring with Billy Corgan. Bennett wants Dixie to look deep into Maria’s eyes. Dixie said that anybody that was in her position would do the same thing with a smile in her face. Maria said that all she did last week was spoke the truth, she demands a apology. Dixie says that she regrets letting Maria get to her and she apologizes. Maria says that Dixie’s apology is not good enough. Maria wants Dixie to step down as president of TNA Wrestling. Dixie asks Maria if she lost her mind? Bennett says that Dixie is sitting on a million dollar lawsuit. He said his father is a lawyer.

Corgan says that The Bennett’s makes some good point. Corgan said that Dixie put them in a difficult position. Dixie asks Corgan if he’s siding with the Bennett’s. Corgan wants Dixie to defuse the situation. Corgan says that Dixie should take a leave of absence for a week and he’s taking the side of the company. Dixie tells Corgan that this changes everything and she storms out of the ring. Maria thanks Billy and now she feels better in her work environment. Bennett wants to focus on himself. Bennett complains to Corgan. Bennett said that he won 99.9 percent of his matches. Bennett wants a title shot? He compares himself to Babe Ruth, Seth Curry, LeBron James and Tom Brady. Corgan informs Bennett that the main event is set for next week. Bennett says that he wants to be in Destination X. He knows that the internet dorks will say that Bennett can’t perform in the X-Division because he can’t make cool gifs. Corgan says that Bennett needs to earn his opportunity at Destination X. Corgan wants Bennett to make headlines, not internet headlines, mainstream trending headlines. Corgan announces that Bennett will take on Eddie Edwards for the X-Division Championship.

Third Match: Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis for the TNA X-Division Championship

Eddie controls the match early on, but Bennett gets a quick shot in to turn the tide, and he tries a springboard something from the apron, but he slips off the top rope and crashes. Eddie looks amused before he goes back to work on Bennett, hitting a top rope Frankensteiner, but Maria distracts the referee while Bennett goes to Eddie’s eyes and hits an Ace Crusher for a two count.

Bennett hits a spinebuster with a nice snap on it for a two count, but Eddie comes back with a series of back elbows, sends Bennett to the floor, and wipes him out with a pair of dives through the ropes. Maria looks quite unhappy as Eddie rolls Bennett back into the ring and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Eddie goes for a sunset flip, but Bennett drops down and grabs the ropes for the cheap win.

Winner: New TNA X-Division Champion Mike Bennett

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22 Jun 2016
+ TNA Slammiversary Results


Borash welcomes us to TNA Slammiversary with the entire roster and crew on stage, and leads Orlando in a moment of silence for the victims of this morning’s mass shooting.

-Gail Kim comes out for her match with Maria, who has a broken hand and cannot compete tonight. Billy Corgan brings out x-rays to prove that Maria’s injury is legitimate. Gail demands a match, so Corgan adds her to the Knockouts Championship match, which is apparently happening next.

Knockouts Championship Match
Jade (c) vs. Sienna vs. Gail Kim

Jade is rocking some new gear tonight with long tights rather than the short tights she has been wearing her entire time in TNA. Gail and Jade double team Sienna with some nasty forearms and elbows as the match starts. Gail and Jade hit a Double Bomb followed by a Sliding Dropkick from Gail and then Gail assists Jade into a Standing Moonsault on Sienna! Gail whips Jade into a Yakuza Kick followed by a Flying Body Splash from Gail! Gail goes for a Slingshot Sunset Flip but Sienna holds onto the ropes only for Jade to catch her with a Crucifix Bomb for a nearfall. Gail rolls Jade up but only gets a nearfall and then she goes for a rollup but Jade counters into a Wheelbarrow Suplex just as Sienna nails her with a Big Boot at the same time! Sienna gets a nearfall on Jade and then she works on Jade in the corner before Gail comes over and lights Sienna up with some leg kicks. Gail attempts a Knee Breaker but her own knee gives out allowing Sienna to take over. Sienna hangs Gail up in the corner, hanging up her bad knee in a tree of woe. Sienna and Jade then exchange forearms before Sienna rakes her eyes. Sienna puts Jade in a chinlock as Gail gets free and starts throwing forearms at Sienna. Sienna shoves Gail into the ropes and then lifts Gail up to the top rope. Sienna uppercuts Gail but Jade hits her from behind only to eat a back elbow from Sienna. Sienna lifts Jade up on her shoulders and then also puts Gail on her shoulders and hits a Double Samoan Drop!

Both Jade and Gail roll to the floor but they are not safe there. Sienna attempts to slam Jade into the steps but Gail kicks her in the head and then Jade hits a Spinning Headscissors sending Sienna into the steps! Gail and Jade then go for Roundhouse Kicks at the same time and take each other out. Matthews says there are no countouts just as the referee is doing a ten count. All three girls roll back in the ring and start trading forearms and chops. Sienna backdrops Gail over the top rope to the floor and she may have hit her head on the apron. Jade hits a series of strikes and then a beautiful Springboard Flying Tornado DDT! 1…2…NO Gail breaks it up! Jade tosses Gail through the ropes but Gail lands on the apron. Jade climbs up top but Gail crotches her and then hits a Springboard Frankensteiner on Jade! Sienna Spears Gail but then eats a Flying Hurricanrana from the top from Jade! Jade goes for the Package Piledriver on Sienna but Sienna counters with a backdrop. Sienna hits the AK47 only to walk right into Eat Defeat from Gail! 1…2..NO Allie pulls Gail off of Sienna. Gail lays Allie out with a Forearm Smash and then she goes after Maria but Maria hits her with her cast. Allie grabs the Knockouts Title and tosses it to Sienna. Sienna swings it at Jade but she ducks and Marti Belle appears in the ring with a golf club or something. Sienna looks confused and then Marti hits Jade with the golf club allowing Sienna to get the pin!

Winner and NEW CHAMPION: Sienna.

Mike Bennett vs. Ethan Carter III

Lots of “no we don’t” and “EC3” chants early on. Ethan is in control from the start until Bennett runs him into the turnbuckle and beats him down on the outside. From there the match is one-sided, slowing down the pace as Bennett drops EC3 with big power moves every time he builds a little momentum, including a DDT off the barricade, and a spinebuster. The Miracle with a cutter, but Carter no-sells it and hits a clotheslines to finally get back into the match. Flapjack into the One-Percenter, but Bennett kicks out at two. The brawl to the apron and EC3 hits the TK3 on the apron but might have hurt himself more with it in the process. Bennett catches him out of the air with a cutter (out of nowhere!) for two. Carter tries for a submission but Mike grabs a hold of the referee and low blows EC3, followed by a big piledriver…again, for two. Carter hits a trio of German suplexes and another One-Percenter, but the ref is distracted by a chair that Maria threw into the ring. He goes after Maria and the ref bails to eject her from ringside, but Bennett takes advantage with the Miracle in Progress onto a chair…for another two-count. EC3 with a second TK3 and a third One-Percenter for the pin.

Winner: Ethan Carter III.

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14 Jun 2016